Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Source Of Bliss!

It's humor.

Humor and Love.

Love for yourself against ALL circumstance.

Humor and Love makes LIGHT!

I recently have had the honor of being someone's 'Old #twinlove'.


I got DUMPED by my Twin Flame!

Isn't this hysterically funny?!

How can a Twin Divorce a Twin?

It's one Soul, isn't it? From God, all Holy and Light?


The void is so much more pleasant.

I am learning to reach through whatever is presented as 'Lesson', to feel beyond it, to that which never changes, and happens to be also, 'my essence what I am'.

There is the one I think is my #twinlove. We can't even get a friendship going in the right direction!

Then there is the one who calls ME his #twinlove. Or, at least until this week, he did!

My Bliss is that no one, not even a Twin Flame, is going to ever 'complete' me.

Everything I ever 'looked for' would probably leave me feeling disillusioned…

It's in God's Hands.

Until then, I am reading 'Finding God Through Sex' by David Deida. It explains everything, and is one of the most spiritually advanced works I have read in a long time. How the masculine partner wants 'freedom'. And how the feminine one wants 'surrender'. It encourages how to be Love in Everything You Do.

I am so glad for Ms Double D who was introduced as 'his new #twinlove!' LOL

Quelle surprise!

I would not have discovered the bliss that can 'take it or leave it' in the Twin Flame department if it was not for her and her, ahem, 'assets'.

If you have ever longed for that 'perfect match', why not try reading David Deida? It'll help to pass the time. It will increase your 'real estate value' in relationship while you're at it, too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc