Friday, November 1, 2013

Unstuck. At Last!!!

No more cartoon bears! We are REAL bears now. 

Ascension is really happening.

This one really resonates strongly with me--I have felt the change of ' Hue-beings are encouraged to release the saving paradigms' to my core. Here is the link:

What this means to me is that the 'my life stops once I set foot inside the hospital and I start to care for my patients' was actually one step further--'my life stopped once I started waking up in 2009'. Since then I have been learning Reiki, teaching Reiki, blogging and doing everything in my power 24/7 to 'wake others up in time!'. There was a sense of pressure, an urgency! I opened vortexes, guided trapped souls to the Light, met with Like-Minded-People online and in person, and attended conferences.

That broke two days ago.

Yesterday's Gaia Portal Message confirmed it.

People who say Love hurts may not be doing it right.

My friend and guide, Mark Taylor, M.D. (died in Iraq), told me in mediumship with Tim Braun in 2009 'get rid of your stuff'. So did Blessed Mother in 2008! I found this while cleaning:


My Jewel,
There is a beautiful life ahead of you. You are a mother; your son was born so that you could have faith in life and 'what is destiny'. My daughter, God will have a gift so very wonderful and loving that you cannot comprehend it (Like Linguini inheriting the restaurant Gasteau's in the film, Ratatouille).

Clean your house
Pay your bills

Get your house ready to have guests. In fact, you will have lots of them (pinches my cheek and smiles).

God will make it up to you.
God will make it up to you.
God will make it up to you.

Mom-In-The-Sky (Heaven)
I love you so very much

I couldn't. Because in my Heart, I felt like this--debris all over!

I've been cleaning and organizing my house for two months. But not my room. Not where the memories are. But all that changed after the Coyote came around, and I had my big 'clearing Lesson'.

And I am throwing things away! Valuable things (not many). Not even giving them to charity. Just getting rid of books and knick-knacks. Every part I do, raises energy and 'un-stuck' all of the Chi. Just half hour ago, I even sent a thank you text to my best friend who is helping me get my life back on track to 'organized' again. I need it. My life is so hectic, I need a streamlined house and system to free up more time for me.

Now I have some time to nourish my spirit!

If you notice, instead of 'first thing in the morning', coming to write, I am doing a 'little something for me' first. Yesterday I cleaned out one drawer. This morning, I started my one tarot card of the day, 'wake up project'. (It was Hawaiian Oracle card Kohala--a blessing.)

You made it, dudes!

You have raised your vibration ENOUGH so that Mama Bird doesn't have to keep feeding you little bits and pieces of Light all the time! Soon you will have 'time to fly' but for now, someone somewhere is feeding you enough Light that I don't have to be 'single-minded purpose'. It has nothing to do with you or me, in fact--what it has to do with is the grids and the energies and the entire Ascension Process! I will always be here, and my heart is yours forever. I will not go and leave you. Ever. But I will enjoy from time to time, reading a book, taking a walk, or working on my own Path when the opportunity comes.

We did well, together! And everything here is written, so that the 'people who like to sleep in' on this dawning of a new Age, will have something to use as a resource. Always feel free to re-post and re-blog any topic if it resonates with you! : )  If you ever have questions, that search box in the top right hand corner works pretty good. Just type in what you are curious about, and all of the posts that are 'related' to that topic will be listed after you enter the search question.

Life is good!

Remember, Love Is The Solution For Everything!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc