Friday, November 29, 2013

On Reincarnation: The Borrowed Body In The Big Picture

Yesterday at a family gathering there was a spiritual surprise: my cousin's daughter stopped by with her cousin and my uncle to drop off old driver tests to my mother who is taking her renewal examination next month.

I hadn't seen L except once or twice, and at that, only briefly.

You see, this cousin, along with his brother, and my uncle, got upset how my father's parents put together their will; the inheritance was to be divided among the LIVING children only.

My aunt predeceased her mother by around six months.

As a result I did not see those cousins ever since. The exception was my uncle and his youngest son, my cousin Kenny.

My niece is my grandmother 'come back'. My nephew is her husband, my grandfather, 'come back'. My boy is my nanu Filippo 'come back'. (One of the kindest things I did for my son is to get him into swimming lessons early--my nanu  never learned how to swim and also regretted it).

I see the 'Lessons' continuing clear as day, and although the children are not aware of it, there is a closeness and 'connection' to their 'former selves'.

But my cousin's daughter?

I was the reason she was conceived!

No I was not in the bedroom! LOL. I am a 'good luck charm'! My sister was getting married. I could not sleep at my parent's house because they have a cat. My cousin and his wife let me have their guest room. It was a kindness they did not have to do.

When people extend to me such kindness, the kind that helps me deeply in so many ways--to save face, to feel loved and welcomed, to understand and lesson a burden in my life--guess what?

They have a baby.

They had been 'trying' for a long time with no luck. She was an older bride. But that morning, when I woke up, there was a long delay before breakfast and I could hear them in their bedroom. I could feel the energy of lovemaking. It was genuine and open in that room, healthy between a man and woman who were married. I lay there in my tiny bed, hungry, patiently waiting for them to finish. And their energy was way up as we ate. I was glad to be able to shower and go to the wedding. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride…that's my life! In more ways than one might think!

It's been that way for as long as I can remember, being a 'baby charm'. LOL. The lady who hired me one summer at the car rental place had an 'oops' (Sandy was really nice, even had a cake for me on my last day, and welcomed me back 'whenever I needed work'), teachers, coworkers, my cousin and his wife, I can't remember exactly all of them but you get the picture…

L was the spitting image of my Aunt Jean. Right down to the Vibration!

I am used to working with people 'on a soul level', and I could tell, in the subconscious, Aunt Jean 'knew I knew'. This time she is going for education, in college, and aiming to be a hospital administrator…

A big 'tip off' is that the 'borrowed bodies' tend to resemble the older bodies a LOT.

Same height, same build, same facial shape…Cayce studied it too…as well as some of his modern researchers:
This article has pictures of how they look just like they did 'the last time around'…

David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, supposedly, too. David gets his spiritual connection in the form of dreams…prophetic ones. ; )

So this is enough to get you thinking about some pretty fascinating 'stuff'…

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc