Sunday, November 3, 2013

Divine Peace Healing In The Garden

This morning I was guided to do the Divine Peace Healing from my back yard.

I was noticing the presence of the faeries as I began. There is a Faerie Queen there, and the entire group is pleased with my new winter plants.

As I connected, a unicorn like this came from the mists to me.

We spoke.

I unburdened my heart; he appreciated the information and will look into the situation.

He also advised, 'Sometimes the most difficult situations, once resolved, are the ones that bring the most joy.'

He also let me know there were many unicorns present at this time (I saw them lined up as far as the eye can see about ten steps behind him) and they want to 'make things right' for those of us who are living on Gaia now.

Humbled, I said, 'You can eat my plants!' and gestured to the garden. 'That is, if this is what unicorns like to eat.'

I was right. Unicorns didn't like to eat herbs. They eat light. Right out of your hand like at a petting zoo with those little green pellets. Only the Light comes from your hand directly, and you don't have to put any quarters in a machine or pay some person for it like you do the food they have at those 'farms'.

So I offered my hand to him and he ate.

Unicorns are very reserved and strong spiritually. But they care and you can 'sense' that very readily. They don't like anyone taking advantage of another in any way; this makes them concerned and want to intervene on one's behalf.

He showed me my true form. And encouraged me to share it with another (in Spirit). I did. I was embarrassed. I watched the other recognize my form, and then get puzzled by the Divine Peace Healing steps I usually do when I am like me now. The other person figured it out. I was like, 'yes, this is what I am…' I had no idea how he would take it. There was a pause, and we looked each others' eyes for the longest time. Then all of a sudden, he threw his arms around my neck, squeezed me tight, and shared was very glad to discover my Truth. More glad than I would have expected.

Yesterday I saw His True Form. I totally was okay with it, and accepted it. It is not the same as mine. But that we each have a 'different form that is a spiritual entity' means that we are of similar Vibration. Friendship can happen on another Level when people are of 'close enough' harmonic frequencies in this range.

All the Divine Peace Healing was sent to each of you, just like usual. The Reiki Healing too.

As an aside, the Guides are extremely quiet right now. This happens when there is a lot of 'work' going on in Spirit. It was this way in December 2012. Even Usui-sensei has been quiet for about three days. He's always around otherwise. I don't know more what this means but I thought I should mention it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc