Sunday, November 10, 2013

On Meeting Angels

The following question was 'inspired' and had fifty-two 'likes' and one hundred ten comments out of one thousand, one hundred and eleven views:

How comfortable are you with angels? If you were to see one up close, face-to-face, what would you do? How would you feel? What would you say to them? Would you hold them in your arms? I'd like to know. Honestly. I would like to know how you would act given the situation. Blessings and Love.

The answers are amazing! Some have had their life saved by angelic intervention. Others have 'seen' or 'felt' their angels. And many look forward with longing to the chance to 'connect' with the angels one-on-one, face-to-face, and to embrace arm in arm and also be enfolded in the loving wings!

Here are the responses--with full privacy for the respondents. I have also included images of angels for your pleasure and to help you take this 'topic' to heart.*


Hug them sing with them fly together.

I was tubing in the Guadalupe River, years ago, and was caught in an under tow. I was pulled to safety by my angel. He had a very commanding voice, and told me to let go of my tube and give him my left hand. On land, my legs turned to jello, and I fell to the ground. I just wanted to see his face and thank him. I stood up, and no one was there. I only wish I could have seen his face.

I know there are angels. They have protected me all three times I had cancer. And were right in the hospital to make sure I came through okay. And I did! I am one of the blessed ones to know they are there for me.

Give them a hug and a magic kiss. xx

They hold me in their arms every night.

I haven't seen one, but I know they are always with Ryan.

Oh yes, tears from the heart billowing out of my eyes.
     Reiki Doc: many people cry spontaneously, tears of joy and release, when there is direct contact with The Divine. It's actually a good 'sign' that what you are experiencing is 'real'.
     Other reader:  I have a few friends who are mediums and I bawl my eyes out when they do their thing because it's like a miracle happening right there; I find it odd that people can sit there and listen to the messages with a straight face and not get moved by it all.

I was told by a well-known Medium that I will be working more closely with Angels in my near future. I have always felt a connection with Angels and call on them daily for guidance, solace and help. Raphael and Gabiel are around me (so I'm told) and (when) I meet them face to face, I'm sure I would cry in my love for them. I would immediately want to be held by them and then I would ask many, many questions. <3
     Reiki Doc: This is because you are on track to becoming one of the newest 'job descriptions' in the galaxy: a Human Angel. All of you who 'like' Doctors With Reiki (on Facebook, Twitter, Galactic Free Press, and elsewhere online) are! Shhhh! It's, well, a sort of, um…secret…. ; )

I am filled with such joy even thinking about the answer! I would be extremely happy and comfortable--I know I am surrounded by them every minute of every day--I would love to have their wings envelop me and meld out energy--and I would give them so much love--
     Reiki Doc: It also feels nice when you know they are touched by your appreciation and love. Making an angel glad is one of the nicest feelings on Gaia.

I'd listen.
     Reiki Doc: how very wise of you!

I would be startled initially, then the gratitude would just sweep over me! <3
     Reiki Doc: There IS a definite 'startle' when one realizes how intelligent and advanced higher beings are--Ascended Masters, Angels, Galactics. It goes by quick, thought. No 'deer in the headlights' or 'starstruck'. They are highly approachable.
    same reader: What I love the most is the total recognition, acceptance, and love in their eyes!

I encounter angels every day. They are everywhere. : )
     Reiki Doc: Yes. We encounter angels unawares.

I would be so humbles. I would try to thank them for their guidance and intercessions…
     Reiki Doc:  Appreciation is good.

I would open my arms and beckon to my Angel to hold me. Then maybe I could single my Angel close to me.
     Reiki Doc: The wings are the softest things ever!

Probably cry. That's pretty much my go to response for anything even remotely overwhelming or emotional. I'd prefer to say I'd handle it really well, but knowing what I'm actually like, I'd likely be a blubbering wreck. LOL.
     Reiki Doc:  It's very human and the angels totally understand. You'd be surprised how good they are at knowing how to make you feel better!
     writer:  Oh, yeah, anything can set me off, I'm a nightmare! Think I may be a bit of an empath possibly.
     Reiki Doc: Ya think? xoxoxoxox
     writer: Possibly. I find it difficult to not take on others emotions, just a sad story can have me bawling my eyes out, even ads on t.v. I also feel when people are even slightly cheesed off which can be difficult because it often feels like they're angry at me even when they aren't. When we moved into our current house, I could tell there had been a LOT of arguments and upset there, especially down one end of the house. Had to give it a good cleansing and reiki it loads. Otherwise I'm really mellow and chilled. But I don't know much about empaths really so I may just be hyper sensitive or something instead. I'll have to do some proper research on it.
     Reiki Doc: You have the classic criteria for the 'diagnosis'. Textbook in fact! Do look it up, and learn how to 'protect your energy' enough to help make your life less 'tossed about by the waves of energy of others emotions!'. It is okay to do this! It makes you a better healer if you do!

Thank you Reiki Doc for sending this to us…I have a feeling you knew exactly how it would affect us <3 xxx
     Reiki Doc: I am so totally BUSTED, huh? ((((( BLUSH )))))
     writer: Yes! yes you are! LOL

I guess I don't truly know until the time comes…but what I felt when I read your questions was a beautiful sense of contentment, completion, and LOVE…I would definitely hold them in my arms…even writing this gives me an amazing inner peace. <3
     Reiki Doc: That's because the question was 'nudged' by the angels themselves. It's their way to find out if we are 'close enough' to 'enjoy' The Event. Even the tiniest one has to be 'ready enough' for it to 'be'. The more you start thinking and feeling what this would be like, and getting excited about it, the others around you are going to 'pick up the vibe' without knowing it, and then it is going to 'spread' from there. Light is 'contagious'. : )
     writer: I knew it was precious. Well if this was a taste of what is to come, then the expression 'All our Christmas's coming at once' doesn't even touch it (so exciting)… Thank you for sharing this Reiki Doc, Love, Light and Laughter from Me to You. <3

Love the angels and the Archangels. They work very closely with us, Doctors With Reiki, and assist us with all the healing for the animals, as well as the attunements. Glad to see all the positive responses.
     Reiki Doc:  Me too! I wish I would make 'I <3 Angels' tee shirts for everybody! I love the Angels and Archangels sand Ascended Masters that much!

WOW…the out-pouring of LOVE I have read in these comments is truly breath taking…and I know the Angels are smiling…even reading the responses returns me to the bliss state I was in answering the question myself.
     Reiki Doc:   <3

I'd LOVE it - hugs and kisses all around with LOTS of Q &A's!! It would be a GREAT conversation! I talk to them all the time but it's not the same…

Love them. My Reiki Center is Called 'Angelic Healing Center for Reiki' (Norwalk Ct)

Imagining brings tears… : )

Very comfortable. I believe they as well as the Ascended Masters and spirit guides. They are always around us. The orbs of light, tingles, energy with the love n light blessings they bring to us. I have seen them…like descending and rescending…beautiful beings of Light…to Behold…blessings be. <3

At the moment I have no thoughts…I feel bliss and receive

I would smile, tell them THANK YOU and give them a HUGE hug. They surround me always, they guide and protect me, they help me with my lessons and the only thing I can offer them in return is my whole-hearted gratitude. I don't need conversation, they 'speak' to me with every beat of my heart and I know that what I need to 'know' will be revealed to me when the time is right. By filling my life's purpose, I return all the love they share with me.

I just started reading the book Angels In My Hair. It's amazing! I would feel honored! And I probably would cry too!

I've been very blessed with two encounters where I was able to feel and/or see one of my angels and it was life-changing for me.

I would be delighted. Let's include my guides in this and my Guru who left the body in 2008 and all my family that have crossed. Let's have a party and bring in all the heavy weights. Tesla, all the big players.

I agree (G) the energy is so intense and yet gentle and loving. First instinct is to bow down to them in their magnificence due to forgetting how powerful and much more than just a physical body you really are. They are our communicators with God and here to assist our journey.

Cry and hold on tight. LOVE pure LOVE and LIGHT

My first instinct is I would sob. Just bawl because I would see, feel and be surrounded by such love and beauty! I would definitely want a hug. : )

I'm very comfortable with Angels. You usually never know when you're in the company of Angels. Sometimes they come to you as a person needing help. God wants to know how willing you are to help others. If I saw one face to face, I would love to hold them in my arms and share our thoughts and hopes with one another. I would feel SUPER blessed to be able to spend time with them. <3

Open up my arms and let the glowing love in!!!

When I took Reiki II we did a meditation where we met our healing Angels. She came to me and so did my guardian Angel. To hug and Angel there is nothing like it, your physical body absorbs and instantly fills with Light. I so didn't want those moments to end, it felt like I had been hugged by a Holy Being, only Love, and I was <3. I communicate with my Angels all the time, I seek their guidance and help all the time. If only I would listen to that guidance more! : )

I would love to see them!!! And have a conversation.

Would feel Blessed!!! : )

I would like to hug them and thank them for all their support in watching and guiding us with love. That would be so amazing and would love it. <3

Tears of joy!

It would be a moment of gratitude for a lifetime of memories, guidance and love I so abundantly receive. xx

I would smile at my angel and then hug my angel…I would feel so blessed, loved.

That would be an amazing experience. I would just enjoy every minute of it, and take it all in.

Would feel amazing! Thank them for being with me and hope I get a hug! LOL

I would want to hug them and would feel blessed and would ask them many questions. I was told by one medium, that day, that Archangel Michael was behind me wrapping his wings around me and the other woman sitting next to me. The other day, another medium said I'm very connected to angels. I talk to them all the time.

When one came to me so clearly I couldn't say anything. I was trying to say 'I love you' as it was a baby angel and I felt a huge rush of maternal love, but my voice did not work. However, I know the angel understood me. It was pitch black but all this light was coming from this little angel. I remember feeling a huge rush of love.

I have been comfortable with angels since I was a little girl and would play with them ' : ) ' I can't imagine not having them in my daily life!

I would hug and sit close and hold hands and talk and listen and sing and give and receive. : )

It would be hugs all round and a sense of peace, joy and happiness. I would probably have some tears. I do a lot of talking to them now so I suppose I would just have plenty of questions or maybe there would be no need for words as feelings take over.

I would cry tears of joy : ) cuddles all round.

To protect my loved ones!!!

Oh. And ask them to take me with them.

I think I would feel an overwhelming love from them and would give a warm hug to them. : )

Nothing need be said, pure love.

I would give them a big hug!

I would be overwhelmed to the point I would start crying, then the angels would probably have to comfort me.

I would would want to give a big hug and ask them to wrap me in their arms and not let go. 
     Reiki Doc: Me too! I would have to be 'surgically removed' from my angels!
     other writer: I'd want to know their message to us and how I can serve their purpose…and yes I want them to hold me in their arms AND enfold me in their wings!

This child, like all the photos that are hand-picked by Reiki Doc for this post, has the 'vibration' that is Angelic--the 'energy of the angels'. You can feel it in the responses and see it in each photo.  

Look for it today.

With so very much LOVE,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc