Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How Was Your Day?

Today Spirit wants us to talk together, me and you.

How was your day? I ask, looking you calmly and with no judgement whatsoever.

Perhaps it was difficult? Perhaps it was awesome? Perhaps you were a little bit bored, and dreaming of somewhere else you could go instead?

I'd just listen.

One of the greatest forms of healing is for a person to talk. Sometimes challenges seem easier when they are spoke out loud with someone who cares really listening.

One mouth, two ears! is what my mother used to say...

So what is today's lesson? Spirit is 'nudging' me, and has been for the last two hours, to write about my day.

I don't get it!

But I will do as 'nudged' because there is always a reason. P.S. This is my StayCation week.

Before Kid Wakes Up
I do Reiki. I look online. I catch up. I do the little chores in the kitchen. I await the sound of movement in the hall upstairs, and if I don't hear it, I have to make a mental note to wake him up. I pack lunches. I feed the pets. I have breakfast almost ready.

After Kid Wakes Up
I make breakfast. We eat. I take him to school. We are on time, and I head to my appointment with Ed, my hairstylist.

My Appointment
It is very early and the place is closed, except for Ed. Before we get started, I ask him about the energies at his new place. He was so anxious I have never seen him that upset, ever, in the ten years I have known him.

The new place is a disaster:

  • There are booking errors and clients are showing up on the wrong day, etc.
  • The chair he works at changes during the week. There are two chairs.
  • It's a smaller salon, and very 'busy' I noticed the last time I was there--he says the energies are very disruptive for him to concentrate on his clients.
  • The electronic scheduler has errors and the manager says, 'it's a GHOST' and doesn't try to fix anything.
  • The clerk at the register was so busy on her smart phone texting that she didn't notice that the good customer--with a lot of services right before vacation--had the credit card not go through. They had to call and ask for payment when she had thought everything was fine. It was very awkward.
I smiled.

I looked at Ed and said, 'You are BOTH RIGHT!' 

He was like, what???

I said there was negative energy influencing the computer, but it is certainly 'fixable', and I will do my part to help.

So I cleared the salon, and worked with Spirit to anchor the Light in the new place. 

We both could feel a difference...

Me Time?

I don't enjoy shopping. Not at all. But Ross wanted me to go to Nordstrom and buy a dress. One dress. No flowers on it! He showed me in my mind's eye. 

So I walked, and there is was, right where he said. 

He shopped with me. I felt his energy, his guidance, his advice. I tried on five dresses, and did the cell phone thing with a girlfriend to find the best one. I had to have the lady help me with a zipper on one of them. 

He wants me to have a new dress for when I meet him.

I bought two. Just in case.

Then I got baby present for a newborn family member in France, and also the softest lamb stuffed animal/blanket and a little dress for the big sister who is my namesake. (My son is the namesake for the mother's brother.)

I also got a belated mother's day/anniversary/early get well gift for my sister.

I was hungry. I had to carry these shopping bags all over. They were light but I don't enjoy that at all. 

Ross was like, get some food.

I was too stressed and wanted to go home. The vibration of the food wasn't as high at any of the places, and I wanted HOME. I passed up my favorite French cafe, organic pizza, and traditional italian. 


I ate a citrus vegan taco salad (without the chips) on the balcony, after I caught up with a friend who was having some health and spiritual concerns. Then I went in the garden! I planted golden beets. I composted. I watered. I said 'hello' to baby bean plants sprouting up. 


My nephew had his Orchestra concert tonight. We were invited at the last minute. It's a long drive through traffic at this time of day. Everything worked out all right, and it was good to be there with family.

My boy ate in the car. We shared a thermos of water. It was still cool after a long day! We took the car pool lane. We arrived just in time, and saw my mother, my sister, and my niece. 

This school is unusual in that all the concerts we have to buy tickets to see. I don't recall that at my high school. My sister treated and also let us get small snacks at the bake table. 

We had beginner jazz band, intermediate (they sounded like a t.v. show, they were that good), orchestra (string and then symphonic), and then advanced band ensemble. The last you could easily hire for a wedding, they were that good. And then the advanced jazz band, who was like a movie soundtrack!

I healed the theater and all those connected to those in the theater with Ross when the show started.

I felt the energy of the performers. It was good. These are the souls that come after the indigos--the rainbows and the crystal children--and they were off to a good start on their assignments.

What I want to share is I learned how come so many of the graduating seniors were going to be nurses and similar, and going to the local colleges--for a BIG school like Stanford or Berkeley, apparently you need Four Years of Foreign Language. So some had to quit that last year.

The teacher brought two such boys, twins, in fact, who played the cello. They guest performed with the orchestra a song by Vivaldi. It was really a special moment, and I even took a picture of it so I could remember it.

I helped walk my mother back to the car, and we ran into those two, and congratulated them. They are both going to Stanford in the fall.

The Long Ride Back

It was very late. I bought gas. My son wanted a snack. I said, 'any fruit'. He chose a banana. He wanted a high calorie drink. I said, 'no, take water'. 

After the drive, I unloaded the car. I tucked my son in.

I wrote,

And now I lay down to sleep.

That's when I share my day with Ross. That's the last thing I do. Every night. Ross and Reiki.

It's the best combination I know...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc