Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fluoride And You: A Heart To Heart With Reiki Doc

I write this as a loving sister to you.

I also happen to be a concerned mother, physician, who has worked as a scientist with my training in Chemical Engineering a long time ago...

Once when I was in freshman chemistry lab, for Chem 101 at UC Berkeley, I got a Bromine Burn without knowing it. Bromine is one of the halogens, a group of chemicals in the top left hand corner of this table. See the one HBr with the little red dot? I was shaking when I used the hydrogen bromide in my experiment, because I knew just how dangerous it is. I was very careful with my work, and I wore gloves and safety glasses just like I was told to do.

That night, at dinner in the common dining hall, I felt a burning underneath my watch on my left wrist. I took the watch off, and there was an angry-looking red blotch.

I showed it to my friends. I tried to wash it off, and it kept getting more and more painful. So at night, I went to the chemistry lab, where there was someone finishing up in the supply room, and showed my arm to them.

He knew what it was. Gently, he rubbed very strong base, sodium hydroxide, on the wound, and the burning stopped at once.

He explained how Bromine will keep burning through tissue until it finds something to neutralize it, and that something it seeks is bone!

He also cautioned how lucky I was for it to be Bromine because the reaction with the human body is very slow, and there is pain that is associated with it.

With the strongest acid there is, Hydrogen Fluoride,  nothing is felt and the reaction is so quick it goes almost immediately to bone.

That is why in the lab, the HF (hydrogen fluoride) is kept far away from all other work areas in a labeled and locked cabinet or room, and thick gloves and full protection are worn when one is to work with it. We never work alone with HF, just in case of any accident. There are emergency eye washes and neutralizing chemicals and alarms and safety showers nearby, and everyone knows what to do to assist in the event of any accident.

As chemists and chemical engineers, we are taught to have a healthy respect for HF, the chemical which is so powerful it etches glass...

Well, what about my cavities? My dentist says it is good for me. I even use my fluoride dental rinse? That doesn't eat any holes in me. Fluoride must be SAFE, otherwise my dentist wouldn't recommend it and use it on my teeth while cleaning them, right?

That's not so sure.

There are a lot of conspiracy websites that say fluoride is not good for us. A maxillofacial surgeon I work with told me that the cavity-fighting benefit of fluoridated water is 'one big lie' and many dentists at the time were against adding fluoride to sources of our drinking water.

Here are the facts, put together beautifully in a blog post by Marc Gamma and published yesterday:

It is very well-written, and I encourage you to read it in its entirety. It is long, but not technical, and is written with the lay person in mind.

Me And My Broken Heart by Rixton

Perhaps you would enjoy some music while you read the fluoride article?

When you are done, we will continue with some helpful tips to help put this into perspective, and offer you hope that you are in control of the situation.

First lets Review:

Here is a link to a table that summarizes the key points on the differences between levels of fluoride in our drinking water--please note that the highest amount exceeds government regulation, and even government regulation is over one thousand times higher than normal rainwater and surface water supplies.

Brita and PUR do NOT remove fluoride. Here is a link to a forty-dollar filter, found at local stores, found by a chemist who actually tested the filters, and is called ZeroWater:

Buying distilled water is also an affordable option.

Cooking with teflon at very high heat will create fumes that will kill any bird that breathes the air in that room.  There is fluoride in the coating surface called Teflon.

This is the kind of filtration system that is needed to make water pure enough for use in Chemistry Laboratories

Remember this is so much healthier for you when it comes to halogens like fluoride and chlorine, and halogenated hydrocarbons. However, there are some organisms like giardia and other things, like VOC (volatile organic compounds) that are to be kept in mind for our other health concerns.

This is a heart-shaped small puddle of water I found in the parking lot last week. In the drop you can see my image of me taking the photo.

Water has a Consciousness

And it is very responsive to the energy of Love and Gratitude.

Always remember to say Thank You to your water every day.

It is happy to be there for you, to wash and clean, to drink and to make food palatable by cooking.

Masaru Emoto talks to his glass of water every morning and night, with good reason!

Here is a short meditation to help you get the energy even higher vibration into your water, right before you drink it:

  • hold the glass in your hands, between them, palms up, like two karate chops
  • gaze at the glass with love
  • recall a happy moment when you were filled with wonder at a miracle, such as being present at the birth of your first-born child, or any of your children, for that matter.
  • enjoy the feeling and the emotion and the memory for a few moments longer
  • drink the glass
Doing this once a day is very good for the vibration and your overall well-being, for your energy body (aura) and your physical body too!

Together, we can take our water back for our health and our vitality!

Together, we can do anything!  We have each other's backs, to watch and to protect and to care for each other...

Is it not a miracle we can join our hearts and minds to solve any challenges with unity and Light?

It is a blessing to be here for you.

Thank you for your kind attention with what I have written for us today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc