Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healing Music From The Angels For Cancer Patients

There is a story attached to this music.

You can read it on the link if you are interested in it.

But for now, just click on this link, and enjoy the music of Heaven that has been provided both for your Joy and for your Comfort.

Please click on the purple underlined words.
Then just click the little Play triangle to make it 'go'

While you are listening, I want you to imagine a beautiful R.N., a nurse who is from the Philippines. She is about five feet tall, fifty something years old, wears little gold-wire framed glasses, and walks with very tiny steps.

This is Nimfa. She once asked me to do her anesthesia. She is a powerful Healer in her own right.

Our world-famous pancreatic cancer specialist won't operate without her.

Why is this?

Because she prays.

She prays for every single one of her patients....

Imagine you are lying on the operating table, blissfully under the care of my anesthetic.

I ask Nimfa to pray.

She and I come to you, and gently blessing your head, making little blessings with our fingers on you, she leads us in prayer:  Mary LOVES you. Mother Mary LOVES you. Mary Magdalen LOVES you. It is going to be okay. You are going to be FINE. Relax and let the LOVE of God carry you on this Journey. Angels are guiding you each step of the way. All Is Well...Peace. 

You wake up feeling refreshed and have an energy you did not know you have ever experienced now with you.

It is yours to keep in your heart, Forever.

(This is for you or anyone you know who is experiencing disease that is life-threatening, and for all the family as well.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is the original link and the story behind the music, if you are interested:

P.P.S. Here is a prayer you might enjoy in your Healing journey, too:

P.P.P.S. If you are ever afraid and lonely, and don't know what to do, I offer you my hand in comfort and in hope. I dry your tears with tissue; I gently dab at your eyes. I gaze at you, with my heart, for I have witnessed many a miracle, many a healing challenge, and many blessings in my time on Earth. Always know in your heart that I am with you. I have struggled with illness myself, too. I walk beside you both as a Healer who is your Friend, and as an Angel who has been sent from Heaven to heal the sick. You are NEVER alone. My heart is always with you. Peace.

We are One.