Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rental Car Return

The energies are increasing.  All of the vibration on earth is preparing for Ascension, both of the inhabitants (human) and the planet itself.

I know, I feel tingly all the time in the muscles of my body. The dense molecular structure of our three dimensional physical bodies is being upgraded to one that is compatible with five D; we will keep our bodies as we ascend!

You have experienced your body grow from birth unto your present age, without much discomfort, right?

It is sort of a growing experience like this--one you don't think about but you see the signs of it and have to buy your son or daughter new shoes for their bigger feet or new clothes that fit because they simply grow out of them.

Even as wonderful as we are, according to the Heavenletters, our bodies are simply like Rental Cars for us to drive and experience life lessons.

But for all this, as it is said and done--and God? I'm still waiting for you to tell us how you FEEL, not mentally describing to us what we ARE--the time has arrived where we must discuss Vibrational Incompatibility.

As the vibration of Earth increases, each of us, on a soul level, has a basic choice:

  • LOVE IT and ask for MORE and hang on for the ride!
  • Hang in there with the discomforts and 'make it through' intact
  • Realize you are growing increasingly uncomfortable with each increase in Vibration, and cut your losses on a Soul Level and OPT OUT to be reborn in a new 'Rental Car'
This all has to do with the thoughts.

Think of Eeyore trying to get the hang of Love and Happiness and Dancing Around.

It's EEYORE! How much realistically can Eeyore be expected to 'Lighten Up'? Even if he wants to, it's not going to be the easiest thing to accomplish. And perhaps Eeyore might want to reincarnate into a 'Rental Car' or 'Body' that has the capacity to be more like Winnie The Pooh.

Very devout Buddhists have a belief that everyone walks around with a little flag on their shoulder. For example, and I barely recall this as my medical school classmate once described it, let's say your little flag is the color white. That means you die in your sleep. The red flag may mean something like you die in an accident when you are young. The blue flag might mean physical illness, disease, and dying from that.

Although these Buddhists do not like losing a loved one or friend any more than others because of the concept of these little flags on the shoulder that are invisible, there is understanding because these little flags have something to do with the pre-birth contract, karma, and exit points.

We had someone at my work die in a fire in their home recently.

Everyone is sad. The guy who used to share a ride. The coworkers. Those who gave emotional support and knew things were difficult for this person. 

Everyone is reacting.

I knew this person, loved them, had a locker near them, and was Facebook Friends.

I also felt the vibration sinking terribly low. This person was a chronic negative thinker. Lots of smiles, lots of kindness, a beautiful heart. I could listen to the words, feel the energy, and know they were 'firmly rooted in the 3D life experience'.

In essence, we had an Eeyore that smiles.

This person checked out. Took their 'exit point' in the Life Contract in an accident. And put their 'story' to rest.

What God isn't telling you, but Sylvia Browne did: there is a LOT that goes on 'behind the scenes' of why we live and why we die PLUS each soul gets their choice on what option they wish to take, on a Soul Level whether to live or to pass on to another life.

It takes an enormous amount of trust in What Is in order to accept this: each person who dies, on a soul level--which might be completely unconscious--has either chosen to accept an exit point, or has come to the end of their Life Contract and run out of extensions.

So they leave.

And we cry. Because our Love that we once shared is very REAL and also exists between our two hearts no matter where each one of us is.

Game changes, story is over, and 'Life Goes On' (much as I hate that expression).

Next time you hear about mass casualties in the news, chances are, their Higher Selves arranged to be on this next 'Red Flag' exit point together.

When you find terrible disease strikes--do what you can and pray and help the patient heal--but always have in the back of your mind that little blue flag might be on their shoulder and doing its thing.

This is Illusion, this world we live in.

Just like at Disneyland. Do you know how much planning and work is going on behind the scenes 'backstage' in order to create the experience the guest has inside the park? Tons of activity! It is down to a science, and now they sell 'The Disney Experience' to management courses to help make people have that nice feeling that they have when they are in the park at OTHER places of business who hire the consultants!

So with this Illusion called Life, please know that 'Backstage' exists, there is logic and reason for everybody's actions and life story. 

If you ask me some who come to earth and incarnate and get terrible lives are like angels who agrees to be the vendors who sell popcorn and ice cream in the middle of the park and don't really get to enjoy the experience of the park...they just make the illusion 'go'...

I could be wrong.

I only wish to point out to you something you might enjoy pondering, something that might help take away the pain or at least lessen it, when something unexpected turns up in your life that deals with loss.

I have had all kinds of things taken away from me, from my heart, and I have cried many tears, acted out, and held grudges against the souls of those who left me for many thousands and thousands of years. Only now is it coming together and beginning to make sense for us--my soul and theirs.

So I don't blame you.

I embrace you.

I kiss you on the head, and soothe you as best as I know how, from one survivor to another in this crazy joke called 'the illusion' or 'life', and tell you that sometimes our loved ones have their reasons which we cannot understand. It has to do with the way things work, and their choices, and what they want to experience/their lessons--a whole bunch of factors.

We will go through the box of tissues together, me and you, as we face each loss! We shall eat the whole box of cookies to make ourselves feel better! I shall offer you with kindness my very best cup of tea...

We shall weather the storm that has been left by the loss of someone very important in our lives!

And as the Auras heal, I'll shake my fist at the sky, to whoever was involved in this decision that affects us deeply so, and say, 'what EVER!!!!!' just like the pure-blooded Southern California Native Girl I am...

I love you.

I am truly sorry you have to experience LOSS in any way, shape or form.

God loves you (much as sometimes I can't understand it myself by His actions)...and so do I.

I want you to know so much that's why I said 'I love you' twice...

I know it might not seem like it, from where we are, right here and now, but I believe with my whole heart, everything is going to be okay, for both of us, and something we don't understand has happened--as much as we don't like it and never, ever have to agree to like it--something has taken place that is for the highest common good for all souls involved.

Those who have left have had their say. 

What more can we do?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc