Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Lull: Buy Two Get One Free

The energies are very strong right now. Last night, I felt like I was spinning. I had no alcohol to drink at my sister's going away party last night at Seabirds Cafe.  But I couldn't walk and I had to hold on to something to keep from falling once I got home..

They are very strong. Two of my friends right now are on the couch, resting. One is in Venice and the other is in Texas.  Both are very awake, very gifted psychics.

Today, Ross 'invited' me to take my boy to breakfast. And to bring the paper.

I buy the paper but I don't read it. Because I don't like what is in it. I use it to line the bird cage and to keep the delivery person employed. But today, at the diner, my boy saw the flyer for Target.

Buy two get one free on the Xbox games.

I said, 'I hope you have money because I'm not buying you any of that.'

I'm SICK of spending fifty dollars on a game he plays for five minutes and gets bored!

But Ross said, 'I'll buy it for him. Let him get what he wants.'

I had to really check on Call Of Duty Ghost Something. It was rated M for Mature. But as my boy said, on Battleship, the Teen only means the blood is blue. I let some cuss words fly when I am upset, and I think my son has heard worse from my mouth than from the game. So I caved.

Guess what?

I forgot I had set up the parental controls when 'Santa' brought it two years ago. Santa chose it for the kinect to get the child active. It didn't work. He uses the controls and sits on the couch like the boy in the picture, above.

Those four numbers were the beginning to the end of my gorgeous beautiful California Sunday.
My kid wanted to play Call Of Duty.
I forgot the code.

We called Microsoft. I went online. I changed passwords. I gave my CREDIT CARD to pay fifty cents to prove I am an adult, for crying out loud!!! So what if they give it to charity? I didn't choose to pay to get carded electronically!

There is a 'High Volume of Calls' and while I was on hold, I was thinking how Microsoft is against everything I stand for--I like NATURE, I want to be outside, I hate crazy little rules, and right now I am STUCK on HOLD for some machine that is designed to rot the brain and be addictive at the same time to violence and bloodshed and profanity and destruction all in the name of 'Fun'...

Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I got to the part where we enter the serial number and my boy didn't know what it was and I missed the time and had to call back in again and again through one phone list to another 'Press this for this and press that for that'...

Did you know there is a photoelectric seizure alert at the bottom of one of the screens on Xbox? Yes, the device messes with some people's brains enough to make them literally have a storm of electricity overwhelm their central nervous system and create a seizure.

I prayed with all my heart for Ross to come take all of this away.  Forever. It is evil to me, and I don't like it, not one bit.

My son saw me upset. He didn't want me crying. He held me and kissed me and apologized for ruining my day...

While I was on hold, Ross gave me a hint...I immediately understood why he had sent us on this wild goose chase! Together, we started to do exactly the same thing we had done at the Apple Store at the mall while I was waiting for technical support...we sent out the key code activations through the Apple system.

Now it was Time for Microsoft!!!

We sent those key codes and activation sequences, not once, but TWICE through the entire system of anything that has something to do with Microsoft. We are on track for planetary and Gaias inhabitant Ascension, All Systems Go!!!

So, just in case between when we actually Ascend and now, if you forget the parental controls four digit password--
do this:

Log out
Go to console information on Settings
Go to the very bottom screen where you see the serial number

This one is tricky--it might take a few tries--some parents it takes forty five minutes but I got it on the second try:

Left Trigger (LT)
Right Trigger (RT)
blue x button
yellow y button
Left bumper (LB)
Right bumper (RB)
UP (on that one that looks like a cross on the left)
yellow y button
yellow y button
blue x button

Then a screen will come up that will say, Do You Want To Re-Set The Console?

Say YES.

Then it will ask language, all this stuff, recalibrate speakers and microphones...

At this part where it asks for parental controls say NO.

This clears your BOX only, and any ADULT can play those games without a code.

But when you get to the last screen where it says, 'Do you want to create a new gamer id' or something?

Turn the console OFF and re-start it.

Then it will remember you.

If you have a CHILD account created, that birthday goes in the system and it WON'T let a Mature Game play on that gamer ID until the child is EIGHTEEN.

So even if the CONSOLE is okay, the GamerID won't let him play that game, until he's eighteen.

So to play it, I need to have him play as 'guest' or as me.

If I make a new profile gamer ID for him, I have to put in my birthday.

That's how it works. Problem solved at five p.m. One nap interrupted, two phone calls to microsoft, and a lot of headache for me. Now the day is ruined and I have to finish the chores and start dinner.

Thank you God for that wonderful man on the phone on the help line who helped fix everything and was very kind and patient and understanding with me today.

Character is to man like carbon is to steel.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc