Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Beloved, Hold Me And Tell Me It Was Just A Bad Dream

My Beloved?

I miss you.

For some reason I am Here and you are There. I sense your loving energy, and I give thanks for what togetherness we feel with each other through the Veil that does so cloud my mind.

The amnesia is thick, and in some ways, I think, it is protective to our Mission and our Purpose together each of us in this Life.

I have seen your body get so demolished that when you died I reached out to touch you and your left ear came off in my hand.

I do not like this drama at all, it is a nightmare!

And I want so much for it to end.

For two days now, you have been at my side, in Spirit, loving me, protecting me, and soothing me that 'it was just a bad dream'.

Then I see this: http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/heavenletter-4876-you-can-fly-april-1-2014/

It is your hand, I know it well I recognize it; you are not joking as it is April Fool's Day here on surface Gaia.

You wish for me to understand what I cannot grasp--my power? My never leaving home? My returning to YOU...

Forgive my narrow vision, and give me many hugs to reassure me. Please let me rub the sleep from my eyes and stretch and yawn and look to you with tender, hopeful gaze as I ask, for the hundredth time, 'It was only a dream, right? Tell me it didn't really happen?'

In time I will accept what You say is True.

Until then, your warmth, and your strength, and your patience and your compassion are VERY much in order at this time. (even though for you, there IS no 'time'). Please continue in your efforts to remind me that you are 'not dead. not dead. not dead.' like you so patiently have for months since I at last rediscovered your energy, and your loving heart.

I love you.

I can't wait to snuggle in your warm embrace and smell the morning cup of coffee that is brewing...as the Illusion fades to nothing, the timelines collapse, and everyone is awarded their freedom and their sovereignty at last!

I adore YOU.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc