Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The most powerful manner of speech is a whisper.

Do I have your attention?

"Free Energy is here, mommy. You don't have to pay the electric company any more. All you need is this box. An electrical engineer can build it. Do you know any?"


Better print that one out fast before the electric company finds out about it! And all the solar energy and wind energy people too!

Build the box just once, and you get free electricity out of it FOREVER! Don't wait to buy it at Costco! The manufacturers are taking it directly to the people, one at a time, because Tesla's patent belongs to humanity, not to big business, right?

Here's another one, in the picture, actually two pictures--so there are THREE devices out there that use quantum energy and make it into electricity FOR FREE!!!

"I heard that over in Egypt, the Egyptian Military has been given the first advanced technology for healing that cures something that kills and hurts many people who suffer from it once they catch it--HIV and AIDS."

The disease itself was caused by hybrid DNA in a lab with some really advanced DNA technology before it 'got out' and affected the general public.

Here is something that people who were concerned about this advanced technology being used to cause harm, and they are sending something as a cure for it--no triples--no pills--just light and energy like this:
  • A handheld device that looks like a blender handle with an antennae uses electromagnetic energy scanning to detect HIV, Hepatitis, and other viruses. This device is called i-fast and C-fast.
  • Then a device called Complete Cure filters the blood like a dialysis unit.
  • Here is one link: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/28/egypt-unveil-device-detects-cures-aids
  • A patent has been filed under the name Armed Forces Engineering Agency
  • The technology is not welcomed by the scientific community, as a google search will show
Since everything is energy, and imbalance of energy leads to Dis-Ease and susceptibility to pathogens, then why shouldn't energy medicine be able to 'tip the scales' toward cure?

It is well-known in the Reiki community that patients given Reiki with surgery heal about one to two weeks ahead of schedule, experience less pain, and do not have postoperative nausea and vomiting.

I should know. My recovery room (PACU) nurses always are eager to take care of my patients. Why? Because there is not much to do--and the patients are happy--because I give Reiki to every single one (or their Guardian Angel to give it to them).

People are spiritually awakening right and left!

Key codes and activation sequences for Ascension are being given out left and right. Those who are clairvoyant are actually seeing people's higher selves 'drop' into their Merkabas, the balanced energy 'blueprint'' of the human body as it was made to be by Creator. 

And those newly awakening are getting pretty excited about the opportunity to help heal, support, and awaken others!

There are over THREE HUNDRED groups on Meetup who currently gather on Sundays at noon PDT across the earth to get ready for the changes as Gaia herself Ascends.

How will this look to you? Well, here are some things I see:
  • people are nicer and less argumentative. Those who continue to be oppositional in their behavior are regarded as being inappropriate by the majority of the group.
  • The Goddess is being respected for her opinion, and males who are becoming increasingly Divine Masculine (due to their acceptance and welcoming of the Divine Feminine energy they carry within--all of us carry both Masculine and Feminine energies together)--are concerned and caring, and reach out to a woman in distress and expect nothing in return. When my tire went flat, a truck driver stopped and helped me at the gas station, and made sure everything was okay before he left.
  • Old ways of 'ridicule, separation, and trying to control the masses' with media broadcasting and print are rapidly becoming stale, trite--it's not fooling anyone.
  • Interest in a healthy diet--free of artificial chemicals and pesticides-- is on the way up thanks to the excellent world-wide information that is available on GMO and similar 'slow kill' poisons that are placed in the food supply. (Thank you Moms Across America! http://www.momsacrossamerica.com)
  • 'You read my MIND!' people are starting to say with wonder and delight...this is because as the vibrations that surround us increase, more of our intuition--which has been actively suppressed by society and those who control it--is going to be emerging once again.

Guess what?

There's something MORE amazing, just up the road, ahead of us!

I see it clearly...

But you would NEVER believe it if I shared. 

So let's all hold hands and look forward to a HUGE HUGE HUGE unbelievably WONDERFUL surprise. 


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc