Monday, March 31, 2014

The Role Of Your Guide In Your Spiritual Development

Yesterday I stopped by a playground with my son, and I sat on a bench and I watched all the children play.

I saw this tiny little girl, who was about three or two and a half, climb the big slide all the way up and go down by herself.

There was something about her, her dress, her spunk, that caught my attention.

As my boy wanted to move to another part of the playground, I followed.

Again, there was that same little girl, this time, she was sitting on the edge of the sand, taking off her shoes and her socks.

I wondered who was looking out for her? She was quite independent! But small.

And no sooner than I thought, but the grandmother showed up, patiently picking up the shoes and the socks.

The little girl walked to the swings and gestured to her grandmother that she wanted to ride on the swing. There was the chair where the little ones can't fall--the kind with the waist belt and the two holes for the legs.

The grandmother set down the shoes, lifted her up, and with the girl facing her, began to push the child in the swing, making faces and smiles of delight. I could hear the squeals of happiness and joy from the little one, with arm gestures of happiness.

Very small children do not go to the park without their parents, their family, their babysitter, or sibling.

Because of their nature, someone needs to watch over them, for their comfort, for their safety, for their level of development to increase with the overall play experience.

Much as it might seem like this at times, you are not alone on your earth walk on Gaia's surface.

It would not be safe. So just like the girl, there was always a grandmother, just beyond sight, always ready to step in, when there was need of assistance, because she wanted her granddaughter to enjoy her time to play.

Is Earth play?

That is debatable. But there is no argument that was exist, and that it is for our own mutual growth and development.

We sign a Pre-Birth Contract before we agree to incarnate here. I wouldn't call it a playground, or a picnic, to walk the face of the earth...but until our time is up, we have lessons to learn. There are always lessons. And when there is a lesson, there is always a teacher, a teaching assistant, a volunteer mom, a parent, someone to help the student. Always.

So, you may ask, who are my guides? And how do I contact them?

How do I know they are angels and are from the Light?

Everyone has a Guardian Angel.

That is an excellent place to start. They are always at your side, day and night, reporting to God how 'everything is going' for you. Rules apply to how much they can intervene on your part. But you may acknowledge them in your heart, give thanks, and ask them to send signs. For me, at the beginning, there were 'pennies from heaven' that would just show up, and feathers, as signs of encouragement along the way.

Then my grandfather, my beloved Nannu Filippo, crossed over when I was twenty eight.

I 'felt' his Presence, and talked to him, both out loud in my tiny apartment while I was in Medical School, and in my heart when I was everywhere else.

He wanted a 'sign' that would be his, something 'big enough' for me to appreciate it was his effort that was assisting me. So at the beginning, I asked him to help me find a parking space everywhere I would go. Each time, 'Nannu? I need your help. Please, get me a spot!'.

I knew it was him because I would always find two, right next to each other, that would suddenly open up. (I've lived in California long enough to know this is not normal for two spots to open like that, routinely!)

So your very favorite deceased loved ones are also an excellent start...

This is a place where a creek enters the ocean at the shore. Look on the left? See those sand cliffs that are in the shadows? There are even taller ones, about twelve feet tall, on the right.

My boy, who is an excellent athlete and very well coordinated, wanted to play on the edge, feel the sand give out, and slide down to the water with the sand.

He had no idea that if he fell by accident head first her could have a serious problem.

All he thought was, 'it was fun!'

So I watched. I did it a few times.

He had no idea how unstable the ledge was until he tried climbing up it. I had to offer my hand to help him move up beyond the hill that kept falling away from him.

As an experienced parent, there is always a fine balance between playing it too safe, and letting them explore their environment with confidence.

Even if that means letting them catch an incoming wave by surprise and getting their underwear wet when we were not planning on swimming!

So please know, that as long as we are here on this planet to learn and to grow,  we have the opportunity to really 'get in there' with our lessons. Spirit isn't going to just step in when we are gaining confidence and valuable experience as we go through our lives.

But our Guides are watching.

Contact them, in your heart, and let them know how they can be of help to you in your lesson you are going through now.

They care. And they will show you ways to make your lesson more fun, more pleasant, with all the learning that can be had...even if it takes a wave surprise and gets you a little more wet than you had planned to be.

(((( Big Hug! )))))

Aloha and mahalos,


Reiki Doc