Sunday, March 30, 2014

Show What You Know And Share That You Care

Today is a talk about giving thanks. Not just at Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving on a holiday. Not just 'being polite'. Today we are going to focus on really giving thanks for whatever is happening in your Life Experience, that you wish to reinforce to the Universe, so that in the future, you will get the very best that is possible for you to Manifest...of what you desire and wish to see again.

Part of this is re-examining our own approach to life and our way of doing things, and having the courage to go with your heart and make 'course corrections' in your heading on your way through life.

Here is an example: as a routine I do not complete evaluations or feedback that is requested of me online or on a sales receipt or at the end of a business call as I am requested to do.

My reasons are numerous:

  • I have very little free time as it is already
  • I am not compensated for these evaluations
  • Everybody wants them whenever I make a purchase everywhere I go
  • Sometimes if I like someplace I might make a post to this effect on TripAdvisor or Yelp
  • This is so pervasive now that Amazon doesn't even bother to ask after I make a purchase; they used to send me an email which I would delete. Now they do not.
But then I read a message from Jeshua last week that really got me thinking... (

And I realized in my own 'world', my 'boundaries', with this mind-set, I was essentially denying others their chance to experience a little bit of Heaven on thinking, well? I gave them money, didn't I??? I gave them my business!

You know, for all of the years I have been taking care of patients, and for all of the heartfelt 'Thank You's' I have gotten from the patient when they woke up (this is the Gold Standard, the highest honor an anesthesiologist can get), my written letters of commendation from my patients equals TWO.

Our work sends you the words, not who sent them. The last one was about three months ago, that said, 'Dr. ________ and Dr. __________ (me) were FANTASTIC!'.

Seven words. And yet I treasure them! They made me feel over the moon! And it goes in my personal file...

Do I make my point?

Why withhold the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion in a business setting--even through we are continuous sources of Light to everyone we meet, why not tip the balance of 'The System' a little toward the 'nurturing' side, or Divine Feminine Energy, and less of the 'dog eat dog' very formal Masculine Energy that is a little too controlling for me to describe it as Divine... 

Because when these are in balance, both of the energies become Divine--both the Feminine and the Masculine--because one does not weigh too much upon the other, do you agree?

See how beautiful these words are upon the little wood hearts?

And remember Love and Gratitude, together, is the healthiest state to be in, both for your energy (Masaru Emoto) and your psychological state. Do you ever wonder why I close all of my posts with the words, Aloha and Mahalo? That is simply Hawaiian for Love and Gratitude, and these words are very commonplace in the islands because they have become a way of life. You may see bumper stickers of it on the mainland, phrases such as 'Live Aloha!' or 'Hang Loose' to remind others that we are all Aunties and Uncles, and Cousins, together, on these Islands and Continents that we call our world. We are Ohana, and all of us together are One...even if we do not have one drop of Hawaiian blood in our veins!

Regard this boy. He is praying to give thanks for the birthday party he is about to receive. We do not know if he has experienced struggles with his health, and 'making it' this far is a miracle. We do not know if his family struggles with poverty, and these decorations and party is all he is going to get, and perhaps the entire family has made a sacrifice to put their resources together to make this party possible. Perhaps this boy has experienced bullying at school, and he is praying for protection from this at his party? Or maybe, his loved ones came a great distance to come and share this celebration with him, and he is thankful for the trouble to which they all went to make this day special for him.

For whatever the reason, isn't he precious? Doesn't his faith and his humility break down your walls and simply open your heart to him? Does not the pure energy of a child, giving thanks with love, make us wish that simply everyone did this?

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Wouldn't that be so nice to be around?

If everyone freely expressed the gratitude they have with others, instead of hiding it in their hearts, it would just be Heaven!!!

And it is.

Because Heaven on Earth begins with you--in your heart--and only you can assist it to commence.

Don't look for trumpets and angels. 

Many of them wear skin and have muscles and bones.

They hide their wings with care so as not to upset anybody who does not believe they exist...

And often, they look very much like me and you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Peace.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is my message to YOU for reading this today, here and now : )))

Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold