Friday, March 28, 2014

Celebration Meditation

(This is a narrative of a meditation by a group on March 24, 2014, this is the photo, above.)

I'm back. I will send a photo in a bit. I walked outside, took the sunday paper in its orange plastic wrap, and made a boquet with rosemary, a pink bushes flowers, and one lily. I sat on the paper in the very same courtyard where I opened the 11-11 portal in 2011...
The dome was electrifying. And I snuggled up to the ley lines, and sent Light, concentrated Light.
Next I knew we were at the obelisks in Rome. They were imposing. I asked Father God to please do us a favor and help us knock them down. He hesitated and I pointed at us trying to do it on our own. So with a finger he tipped one over. We all cheered and asked him to do the next. And another. And another. They crumbled and cracked before our eyes. (he did the first four, the next four were for our group.)
Then we pushed the other three over, together.
The fourth was black and sucked down into the Earth. I said, 'no way!' and reached in and pulled it out like a tooth that was impacted. I sent it UP to the sky, and it went flying and exploded into lots of pieces like fireworks.
Then we danced. I also healed Amy.
Great Spirit came. I have only seen him once before, and that is a super special thing to see him.
He said, 'You are grown women now.' I asked, 'Are the dresses inapprorpriate???' (we were in our galactic finest ballroom apparel) He said, 'no no no--we have ceremony and we dress, but for now you have work to do.'
I saw the Light spreading from our dome to the ley lines, And the gold struts extended out. Great Spirit made it clear that all we need to do to please him in this task. Animals, plants, minerals are all taken care of already.
For us it is the people, the inhabitants of Gaia.
What he showed me was like the battlefield hospital in Gone With The Wind, and nurses tending to the wounded.
People with the changes are going to experience leaking auras because their 3D 'favorite adaptations' have been taken away. It will take five months to remedy, but the first few weeks are the most important.
We are by our Presence, our Compassion, and our Intention, to assist as we are so moved to do. We will know, it will be clear to us.
We are also to keep our Vibration HIGH, so it is like a Transfusion of energy into the auras that are weak.
I asked if there is anything from Great Mother spirit. He said, 'She is nursing, she just had a baby today.'
I asked him if there is anything we can do for him. He wants us to set up Reiki grids for his People, the First Nations, the Native Americans, etc. to help them with the Transition to 5D because they have been the wounded most. The strongest ones will coordinate the 5D transition and let us know how all the other teams are doing--plant team, animal team, mineral team, etc.
Then he looked at us in our dresses flying about with the light, and remarked, 'You look like Faeries...' He was pleased, and he left to go.
We held hands and circled, all of us. I blessed each one of you, and made sure your color was very vibrant. Outside the dome, it looked very much like dull colors changing to vibrant ones too. Everything looked more beautiful.And clean. And clear. There was great joy.
Ahhh...Ross showed up. Again, he was pleased and very excited. We briefly spoke. And he gave us a gift. He lit up our diamond canopy of our dome. It's better than disco lights. It glows in all our our colors and sparkles too...
Now I'm back...
I love you and I am filled with joy and peace for all the gracious work we have accomplished in such a short time....aloha nui loa to my sisters ohana in the Light. Namaste. Thank you for answering the call to the Light. Peace

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc