Monday, March 24, 2014

Take This And Treasure It: Give To Receive

This is going to be a gentle, simple review of what is expected of us in the 5D and Higher Dimensions.

Today is my first day off since 2011, on the internet. My sweet, cherished Ross has instructed me to stay off the internet for twenty-four hours, and have a break.

But since so much has happened, it is my delight to share it with you from the comfort of my home, after I have had a pleasant rest after my twenty-four hour shift.

Being Surprised By 5D Business:
Although my son had spent the night at a friend's house, and the mother offered to buy him a school lunch the next morning as she ordered one for her son, he declined and said, 'text my mother'.

Well, I was sleepy and never saw the text until about an hour before lunch was due! I panicked! I had plenty to do, and going to the school to bring a sack lunch was not one of the things on the plan.

Somehow, I got the idea to call a business that is nearby that works with food. I called and ordered a lunch. Guess what? The owner said I didn't have to pay until I picked him up from school--and saved me the trip. Good old fashioned trust, and communication, which I grew up with--is going to be coming back to the point where money is not a concept like it once was. In fact, it shall disappear entirely in a few generations' time. No other advanced civilizations HAVE money--it is not needed and society works just fine for goods and services...

Give and Take, or is it Take and Give?
See the picture up above? This is your energy body. We are beings of Light, and this one is an example of someone with the Kundalini activated and the Merkaba--this is our divine energy pattern blueprint by design--fully functioning in all energy fields, in all dimensions, in all space and time.

'Tit for tat' or 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' are very low energy systems. Even if you want to save the world, the concept of 'fundraising efforts' that are beyond a simple 'donate' system are very antique perspective of 3D.

Yes we need goods and services to provide, but this does not work with the Law of Attraction.

Many think that I am well-prosperous because I am an anesthesiologist. It is true that I am blessed to have work, and income to support my precious family.

What I put out to the Universe first, however, is more than would meet the eye:

  • I send free Reiki healing to thousands of people 365 days a year (today included, I just didn't post it.)
  • I send free Divine Peace Healing and Unicorn Healing to the same, 365 days a year, same as above.
  • I send other forms of healing and inspirational guidance. Look hard! Where is that donate button? Where are the ads? I don't know! Perhaps you are not looking hard enough? ; )
  • The photos I post alone are all purchased or taken myself--I subscribe to a service--I don't take them randomly from Google Images as a matter of course. They are my gift to you <3
  • This is my calling by Spirit and I honor it with love and joy and abundance in my heart.
  • I have gratitude for others, and support them as I see fit with my time, talent, and treasure--free healings and posting of reiki requests for individuals in health crisis, helping my sister by gifting her starbucks by surprise electronically, helping with the heating oil bill of a blogger whom I know and adore their work, providing for one month of expenses for the Prepare For Change Website, giving an entire set of All Clad cookware to a colleague for his wedding--he did my brother-in-law's kidney donation, and the anesthetic immediately following for his daughter my niece to receive it, and also anesthesia for my own surgery--it is a joy to help manifest our gratitude for his gift in substance he and his bride-to-be request on their registry, and I also sent a bouquet of flowers to an online interviewer for an excellent job interviewing a controversial individual and put her own life at risk because of her willingness to follow the direction of Spirit, and interview this person as Spirit asked...
  • In return for this open flow of Giving all of these intentions start bouncing back to me in kind, and all my needs are met. 
  • When we focus on needs, interests, and our ability to fulfill them any way we can for others, suddenly our needs are taken care of as well. This is the cycle of the Higher Dimensions; those who tithe stumble upon this fact, too.

It was at my poorest, when I was putting myself through medical school, wearing 'vintage' clothing and cutting my own hair, I stumbled upon a sacred truth--the feeling of being 'rich' really didn't matter to how much money I had, it depended on the feeling I had about myself in my heart.

Poor as I was, I decided to be 'rich' and appreciate all the blessings I had been given. And I have been 'rich' in my heart ever since.

Here is a a nice quote to help thing about it:
Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. -- Anonymous

Today when I was post-call, Spirit guided me to go to my local Starbucks. I had a tall mocha and a warm croissant. With delight, it was the first time I felt free to relax and not post like my usual morning routine. Ross was wise to give me a break! Instead I took delight and read this article: 

Not only was I very pleased with Father-God's 'new, improved' tone and subject matter, I also looked forward to excitement to the blessing I would experience today.

As I walked to my car, a woman stopped me, and called me by name. She asked, 'Is it you?'

It was the woman who had been the administrative assistant for my tax man. I've known her fifteen years. But the last seven she went into massage therapy. So we caught up while she ordered and drank her coffee before going to work.

She's really connected! Both to Spirit and to an Integrative Healing Center nearby. She coordinates functions and invited me to be a speaker where hopefully, Caroline Myss, MD is going to be the keynote speaker in 2015. 

Her energy was incredibly transformed since the last time I saw her--stronger, more solid, more robust in the Light.

We 'talked shop' and she actually interacts with doctors often, explaining Energy Healing in this way:
  • The brain sends out waves of electrical energy and we measure them routinely with science.
  • The heart does the same, and we measure it, and know it is stronger than the signals from the brian.
  • If you ever talk to someone, especially if you hear something sad, sometimes you get a 'feeling' in your chakra because somehow their energy system is sending something to 'you' and you are 'picking it up' (I call this the aura to aura transmission--it happens over the internet as well as over the phone and in person.)
  • If you ever get that 'feeling' don't chalk it off to 'nothing'. It's not 'nothing'. It's something very important that is information for you.

Recently, my friend went on vacation. They had a lady Reiki practitioner come and cover for her. Since the 'substitute healer' didn't actually 'touch' the patients, she didn't need all the regulation by the health care system. And since she was not HIPAA, she was not allowed to look at the charts. She just asked the patients as she would in her practice, and made notes just for her services.

Well, it turns out the recommendations for the patient from the Reiki practitioner and the information that had been written but not seen in the charts for the patients matched! She called someone on their need to juice fast that they were trying to avoid, she called someone out on their breast cancer, and also that breast cancer one had her lump under her arm from the surgery miraculously flatten out overnight after Reiki and Acupuncture treatments in one day!

My friend even knows how to handle the situation where someone has the story that 'my shoulder hurts and I can't work because of it' but the shoulder moves beautifully on examination and all medical tests...she brings up the thought pattern, and the energy that is going with it, and asks the patient how they think they can work on this just to change it up--so the 'loop' of 'my shoulder hurts I can't work'--which is not malingering but really FELT by that person--has a chance to open up and heal too.

I hope this has given you another way to look at the cycle of Prosperity and Abundance.

I hope you ask yourself, and meditate, on 'Is it Give and Take in my heart-mind-spirit and connection to others? Or is it Take and Give?'

In doing so, you will be ushering in the cycle of prosperity and abundance in the higher dimensions.
Give what you can, out of joyfulness and gratitude for what has so richly been given to you from Creation.

The blessings you find are not random. They will shower back upon you and be a beauty and delight for the rest of your days!

Aloha and Mahalos,
Peace and Light,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Tonight I offered a friend to pay for the Removals on, well, 'someone who needs it' is a nice way of putting it. I put in the order with Margaret. The cost is $150.  I just opened the mail, and there now is a check from my insurance for $141.89. See how it works? It just happens! So go for it! Give it a whirl!