Saturday, March 29, 2014


Today we are going to do things a little different. We are going to listen to some music. Next we are going to share a story from a spiritual lesson that happened today while I was doing the laundry (some of the less eye-catching things bring with them the most valuable lessons). Then there is discussion on this lesson. And that's it.

This one has been pushed up to the top of the list of my four blog posts Spirit wants me to do--so here we go.

Give A Little Bit by Roger Hodgson, of Supertramp

Today I tried something new with the laundry. I tried sorting it before I took it downstairs. Recently I had cleaned the closet, and found two more laundry bags. One had a bright CLOROX logo on it; it was a reminder of my 'Product Development Scientist' days at the technical center where I once worked, in northern California.

The other was smaller, and was one of those little bags that comes with a super expensive purse, it's to store it inside while it's in your closet.

I had forgotten what the purse even was that went with it, or if I still had it.

There was something in the bottom of the bag, something caught my eye, and it looked like it shouldn't go into the washer, so I dug it out.

It was a rosary that had broken.

About a thousand feelings went through me in an instant. I got my first rosary as a gift from my future in-laws when I turned twenty-one. I adored praying it, and kept one on my person every day, either in my purse or  in my pocket. I had a really nice one that my in-laws, once they were officially mine, brought back for me from Medjugorje. 

It turned gold when I prayed on it.

Sometimes that happens. The little chain of metal that connects the beads, all of them, turned bright bright gold.

I almost dropped it, I was so startled when it happened. And my soul said, 'No! I am not worthy!' and it turned back in an instant. 

Over time, the more I prayed on it, the gold came back, little by little. It is still bright gold to this day.

I used to say the rosary on my way to Clorox in the morning because I was too afraid to drive. I thought I would have a terrible accident; my arms and hands shook with fear the moment I was behind the wheel. I hadn't driven a car all my time in college, and I guess my fear, which had been manageable when I lived at home, became worse over time.

I had to go to work. I had a car. And praying the rosary calmed the shaking enough for me to drive.

I always felt sad to throw a used rosary away. Sometimes they break when you use them often enough. So this one I had thrown into the bag for the purse.

I looked at the cross, as I held it in my hand, and I felt sad about that whole catholic thing with the body on it, and the blood. 

I remembered someone I desperately needed to forgive--and in my heart, I forgave them at once, hoping God would hear. 

I kissed the crucifix gently, to show how much I really wanted to forgive. And in my heart, with this person, on a soul level, we worked out what had together taken us many lifetimes to settle what was our disagreement that had cost both of us their life.

I felt better, and I got back to sorting the laundry.

It was only when I closed the drawstring on the bag that I saw the word Chloe.

There is something that Heaven and the Higher Realms and I need to work out. I don't mind you being a witness to it.

So here we go:

Dear God, 
We live in spiritual times that are beyond the simple 'Push' and 'Pull' of a door to pass from one realm to another.
We live in an age where a Vortex is built to allow Spirits to return Home, to your Love, and your Support.
I even help make them! I helped build one for the Indiginous People who have suffered Persecution and Genocide, and their souls that have been trapped on the Earthly planes. Great Spirit and some blessed  warriors of the Light together helped our brothers and sisters find their way HOME to You.
God? Why do we need to experience the laws of Karma?
I know this sounds ridiculous to most--that's why the title of this post IS 'Iconoclast'--but for a minute will you hear me out?
How does experiencing the pain one caused someone else make that person that was hurt feel better?
For example, if I kick your shin, and in a minute of regret seek my Karma, and set out to have my own shin kicked, are there not two bruises and twice the pain?
Even more, if the Universe is a closed system, doesn't this increase the amount of suffering that goes on within the entirety of it?
Isn't this the 'tit for tat' or 'eye for eye and tooth for tooth' that someone really important came to earth to try to take away? Like that someone on the end of my Rosary that is related to You???
Why haven't we learned that lesson, in a Galactic Sense?
What ever happened to 'I'm sorry' and making an amend?
Some people who have wounded me in my own life got involved in twelve-step programs, Father.
They did the amend on me, and I knew they were sad for what they had done, and since it never happened after the amend, it healed us, and brought us closer.
I wouldn't have wanted THEM to experience the pain and anguish that they put me through!!!
I could tell they had learned enough to know the difference between causing distress in those around them, and causing love and joy instead with their actions.
So Father...
I know I am not YOU.
I know you see clearly out for dimensions and dimensions all at the same time.
I only see Here, and Now.
But in my little speck of the Universe, Father, I am noticing things and starting to be concerned--not about the pain in and of itself--but in the message that is sent on our ability to learn and grow in our spirit life.
I know many many souls choose the suffering in reaction to the Karma they so suddenly are aware that they had caused, and choose this path to 'make it right'--I know you don't expect it of them.
To me it is like prison--self-imposed and 'paying time'.
It's like the elementary school, or beginning course, of Eternal Life.
It is my hope and sincerest prayer to YOU that next time, we can encourage all those spirits who are challenged by the pain and suffering they created in another's life--to take it up to another level, perhaps maybe Intermediate or Middle School--and follow the tradition with their hearts from Bob and Bill, and make an amend and vow never to do it again...and to keep that vow.
I think people would get a lot more out of the whole reincarnation thing if they did.
But that is my opinion.
You are the decider of ALL.
And I love you for it. I love you with all my heart and breath, and I can't wait to be nearer to you than I am right now in the Illusion of life on surface Gaia as Ground Crew.
Thank you for all my friends, and readers, and listeners, and people who know me very well, and care about what happens to the planet and everyone upon it too. 
People are waking up, and it is a good thing to have 'like-minded' friends as company--all of you are on this list--and give great joy and pleasure to my heart--those who are reading these words right this minute now.
So let me thank all of you at once for your patience with me.
Aloha nui loa and mahlaos,
love and joy, and victory to the light!

Reiki Doc