Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Price Of Friendship?

We are social creatures. We are interdependent. We need one another to survive as a species.

Today I had an excellent opportunity to compare and to contrast 5D with 3D existence.

I started off the day alone, in the security of my own vibration, my energy, my aura. There was contact with my Twin Flame, Ross. We talked and I wrote down his answers to my questions about The Event.
I also wrote and took a long bath.

My ex brought our child home two hours early. I cooked a snack and we watched a movie together. It was 'Me, Myself, and Irene'.  It was hard for me to enjoy it knowing what I do about MK Ultra and Monarch and Mengele. But I like the movie's characters, even though the theme hits a little 'close' to topics I prefer not to focus upon...

During the film, I got an impromptu invitation to be on Rob Potter's radio show tonight from five to seven p.m. Ever spontaneous, I said 'yes'. And wouldn't you know it? The theme was 'Goddess Night', with four women* in the Prepare For Change organization being interviewed together, followed by another gentleman. It was a significant moment for the Resistance Movement. We clicked and gained energy together as we had never before! Clearly, every single one of us was 'on the same page', and the energy was clear and beautiful and very empowering. There is a copy of it on YouTube, not sure where, but when I find it I will look it up and provide a link.

Where is the 3D part you might ask?

We had been invited by friends to go to the home of a mutual friend to watch the Oscars at six.

After the interview, which for me finished at six-thirty, we went to a loving home of a vegetarian New Yorker, where I have visited and even spent New Year's Eve.

We are friends, all of us, and we love and care about one another very much. I still do.

But they are entrenched in 3D and don't know it.

And that weighed on me heavily through the night.

Ever hear of 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours?'

5D friendships aren't like that. 5D friendships are 'I'm happy to scratch your back for you. Of course if you want, you too can scratch mine, but that's okay by me if you have something other wonderful to do. I will go and do my next most wonderful thing too.' The interdependence is less dense a vibration because all of the survival has been taken care of by virtue of being in 5D--we 'manifest' our physical needs for food, clothing and shelter--everyone--in the real deal all the way 5D. (we're getting closer to that with the free energy)

So here's how the night progressed:

  • Immediately when I walked in the door at the friend's home, I saw signs of Ross. On the walls, there were reminders of him. My favorite ones, actually. Ross was emphasizing to me I was in the right place and there was an important point for me to pick up on.
  • The vegetarian thought my son was 'unhealthy' weight. And spoke to me about it. She couldn't understand why I brought the mac and cheese when there was quinoa and veggie spinach enchiladas. She didn't know I brought his favorite to make being with a bunch of women for oscars night more pleasant for a boy his age...and that at home I work with his tastes but am more strict.
  • While I cooked the pasta, I was invited to invest in some venture that had something to do with the 'green rush'. It was a sweet invitation but with world financial re-set around the corner, and my personal view on weed, I politely declined.
  • The friends present were extremely engaged in the ceremony. There wasn't a lot of illuminati symbolism I noticed, but I do know which ones present are MK Ultra-type beings and I felt deep compassion for them all. Both my friends who had no concept, and for the ones put 'on display' that night for the rest of us. How ironic for the best film to be about slavery, and the award acceptance speech talked about the thousands of others who are involved in slavery 'today' in the middle of an auditorium full of people watched by others world wide who were under some degree of 'programming'!
  • I was asked to give professional advice and referrals. I was not compensated for my 'curbside consult'. This happens at just about every get together where I am not with other doctors and nurses and medical people. I typically get 'cornered' and asked for medical advice. I gave a good forty-five minute consult for free, on the spot, without any chance of escape or polite refusal. This person was like an anxiety patient, and wasn't going to stop until they heard what they wanted to know!
  • Although my friends asked about my interview and Reiki, they were polite, and they really didn't comprehend it, even on a most basic level...I was asked if I had an office where I do Reiki treatments, because that is the 'box' that most people understand and put Reiki 'in'.
So, in short, the 3D experience is 'tit for tat', 'eye for eye' , 'tooth for tooth', and 'what's in it for me' between friends--as my mentor once said, 'Always have someone owe YOU a favor.'

What dimension resonates with you at this time?

I think Ross wanted me to have a wake up call. Both for how asleep most people are. These friends are way more 'open' to Spirit than others or else I wouldn't have accepted the invitation! I just had no idea how much I had changed in the year or so since we had last socialized together. And I think he wanted to highlight how much progress has been made in bringing forth 5D into the consciousness through the efforts of the team at PFC.

I am decidedly 5D now.

Tonight's festivities proved it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* = Hope Moore, Alexandra Meadors, and DaNell Glade