Friday, March 14, 2014

Tandem Surfing And The Return Of The Goddess To Gaia

First you take The Divine Masculine, as evidenced by the energy that is demonstrated in this confident, capable, crisp clean surfer:

Next you take a healthy, nurturing, equally confident Divine Feminine, as shown by this mother--please note that the Divine Feminine Energy is extremely loving and playful:

And I QUOTE: Specialties of Gaia Feminine come to fruition, as sputtering masculines lose their wind.
Prepare for this Magnificence… In this Moment… It is Now…
Then put them together--and you get this:

(Hint--the above reference alludes to gnostic tradition)

Enjoy! Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

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  1. ~ <3 ~ 'quantum waves' : every word, thought, sound, expression and e-motion has infinite vibrations... ~ <3 ~

    how to surf :
    'A good sunrise is like a good wave is like a good sunset' - SJS
    ~ <3 ~ tube riding = phi implosion ~ <3 ~

    'every moment is like a waterfall into an infinite ocean' - SJS

    breathing : in - pause (spark gap) - out;
    double torus and vector equilibrium.