Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Sweet Children Of The Light,

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

The time for your deliverance from the hands of those who have been oppressing you for many centuries, millenia in fact, is about to arrive.

Your happiness will overwhelm you!

Even those who are 'not sure' and 'not quite with it' and 'not understanding any of this' are going to arrive in fact to the same conclusion as those who have worked diligently behind the scenes for many months, weeks, years, even generations--to set the stage for those who set us free.

It is everyone working together, in their own way, perhaps unknowing and with the faith, or perhaps deliberately and with a vengeance for the Light to prevail...all of you are together going to arrive at the same conclusion: we are free! we are glorious! we are liberated! we create our new vistas! the horizon is limitless! we are ONE! we are AT PEACE! we are alive with the energy of the New Life, the New Age of Gaia, the Golden Age of Legend! (she demonstrates a hood being lifted off our heads, our eyes blinking in the light, and our amazement at the sights and sounds after being blinded by that cover for so long.)

(She also gestures, it is like the people who have the cataracts replaced with the new clear lenses, that is how it will seem to those who have eyes cloudy and then replaced with new vision for the light. She says, 'you don't have to choose between close up and distance vision' gesturing to her eyes, 'all of it, you shall see EVERYTHING--CLEAR-- because of the light.'

My little jewels, my butterflies, my handsome prince and have now arrived at the place and time that is of legend! All the fairy tales begin and end with this, 'Once Upon A Time' and 'They Lived Happily Ever After'.  YOU are in that happily part!!!

Right Here!
Right Now!
Starting with this (taps her heart with her closed fist).
It is in this (taps the heart) with the (gestures to eyes), combined together and working as a unit, in balance and in true functioning as they were meant to be, that you will understand your purposes and your missions and your assignments to anchor the Light for our new way of life on this planet.

(She gestures to hug all of her children) It is with great joy and pleasure that I offer this message to you today.

I invite you to reflect on it.

It is with great tenderness I say goodbye...and see you soon!

With all elegance and lasting light,
My heart for you swells with emotion that is pleasant, possibly the most joyful moment I have ever had (gestures arm sweeping up in an arc overhead) in all of Heaven.

I welcome you with Love Unconditional, Love Everlasting, and kisses on your heads from my heart.

You are my family, and I am here for YOU with joy and full acceptance of you exactly as you are, right this minute; your perfection is clear to me, with my eyes I see the heart, and yours AMAZES me with its beauty, love, and Light.

Have peace.
Goodbye for just a little bit!
I am always near you, with my Love (touches her heart)
Remember this!

I am here for you in every way.
Just ask. I will be there in an instant.
Whatever you need, I will provide.
Forever and ever and ever.

Mother Mary

this message may be shared if in its entirety with acknowledgement to the one who writes these messages.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc