Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kaylani from Kihei

My passion for being out on the ocean was triggered by a ride in my first outrigger canoe.

It was at the Fairmont Kea Lani. It was free, if you signed up. So bright and early with the dawn I was out on the water with two guides, one a native Hawaiian, and the other, a white woman named Kaylani.

We paddled out and at a point far from the shore we were surrounded by Honu, or giant sea turtles.

They suggested that we go for a swim right there and then.

I jumped in, and I never looked back! I wanted to stay in that water forever!!!

This was ten years ago.

It was a sad trip.

It was the time my husband who I was married to, husband number two, decided to divorce. He slept on the couch because I couldn't stand his touch. I had grown weary of his spending sprees, his debts he hid, his health concerns, and his massive weight gain requiring a new suit purchase every three months to fit his expanding girth. He was all smoke and mirrors, something pleasant on the outside, but a terrible mess inside. My counselor suspected he was bipolar, and I really believe that was the case.

Kaylani was deeply spiritual, and offered me words of comfort at that time, when I ran into her at the hotel. She too had experienced loss of relationship, and she believed in a Higher Good, and that surely the separation was in alignment with this Higher Good. It was only a matter of time and healing and adjustment to the separation that was to be endured, and that in itself was limited.

I still have her photo. I was cleaning up. Her Spirit shines true and bright through the film. A big brimmed hat, sunglasses on a little piece of blue cloth holding them around her neck, a long sleeved white rash guard, and an official uniform from the hotel.

I thank God for her being there at the time she was, and being my inspiration.

At the time she had given me her address, and we wrote to each other until after the adjustment was made.

Have you had the chance to be someone's angel in their time of distress?

Take it.

My Angel is a white girl in Kihei who worked at the hotel. Her name is Kaylani, and I thank God for her very much, even to this day. It was her Aloha spirit that sustained me through a difficult trial for my heart, my self-confidence, and my faith.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. There is a fascinating movie I watched last night. It was called the Trials Of Muhammad Ali.

Look at what I once blogged about him before : )))  Enjoy!