Saturday, March 8, 2014

Energy Update: Natural Products Expo West

Last year I went as a guest of a friend of mine who owns a restaurant. I was new to RAW vegan, vegan, and the naturopathic way of life. I was overwhelmed with the choices, and for the most part, looked to see what 'medical claims' there were being made, as in 'practicing medicine without a license'.

What a surprise to me today when this year I returned as the guest of the same friend!

At first it was 'trick of treat' from the bus stop to the Anaheim convention center! So many samples being handed out! There was an Australian Yogurt, Nooni, there was Brown Cow Yogurt (both lemon, my favorite). There were squooshy things in those odd pouch drinkable containers. There was coconut chocolate milk and coconut tiny ice cream sandwiches.

It was delightful and fun.

Inside, it was mayhem!

What I saw were some very fascinating 'sales pitches'--and my bottom line assessment is that there was not much whole, raw, 'living' food present, no matter what the labels were.

The foods were processed, frozen, but with different ingredients. Mostly Gluten free. There also was a lot of Alkaline Water.

What I did not experience at any of the booths was nurturing, warmth, love or compassion.

There was no 'Light' present at any of the booths!

Instead I felt the 'buzz' of 'business', of fortunes to be made, and also, acutely, of the great expense for one to travel and represent their business here.

I saw Paleo next to Vegan, with lots of meats offered. There was one item, a 'straw' filled with powered balls 'with vitamins' you sip through, so that the milk becomes 'flavored' with banana, strawberry, chocolate, or peanut butter.

I think the entire event is a peanut allergy patient's worst nightmare! LOL.

But for the most part, it wasn't the usual 'spin' on business and expos. There were two 'free massage' stations which were kind, and many more tee shirts and gifts were given out than any medical anesthesia show I have ever been to, and I have been to many for cardiac anesthesia and also just 'regular' anesthesia conferences.

Next year it is my hope that instead of 'natural versions of today's products' in food, cleaning, nutritional supplements, it will be totally new ways of experiencing local community goods, with lots of LOVE built right in to the making of whatever is being sold, and that the Light quotient in the place is really really UP!!!

A woman offered me a popsicle on the way to the shuttle bus. She had a pouch. I took the coconut tea, and it was the best popsicle I ever had in my life! Her energy was the best in show.

I also appreciated the two white roses given to me and my son by the KIND company (I got their shirt too. Their new savory bars will be wonderful for those short breaks in the OR when I can't eat real lunch or dinner.) Like they said, 'do a random kindness'. So when my widowed neighbor was in her car when we came home, I gave one to her and she was delighted! It felt so good to make her smile. She is really nice and I am lucky to have her as my next-door neighbor.

More news updates tomorrow!

For now, that's how I call it! Much more clarity and non-judgement on my part.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The TEST!!! On the way to the bus stop, there were those 'religious people' who dampen the energy of any event with their fire and brimstone posters. These were huge, yellow, with big black font up as high and as large as a pro basketball backstop! JESUS SAVES OUR SINS, etc etc.

I don't like them. I don't like their vibration. I don't like their righteousness.

Ross called me on it.  He said, 'Love is the Solution For Everything--even THIS'.  He instructed me to smile, to keep my energy pleasant, to make eye contact, and to make sure they get a good look at my face.

I did.

I still was happy to get on the bus! LOL. But I obeyed my 'teacher' husband, who is smart enough for me to listen to even if I don't one hundred percent agree! LOL LOL LOL.