Thursday, March 13, 2014

Elimination And Your Health

Your health is important to me.
That's why I write.
I write about the healing, about the spiritual, about the new technologies, especially in energy medicine.

All this won't do much good if someone is 'backed up'.

That's right...constipation.

Just because you have a stool every day does not mean you are 'getting everything out'.

I know because I work in the GI lab sometimes doing anesthesia for endoscopy. And when it's really bad--for the patient as well as for the team when we are dealing with this 'subject'--I have to put a basin of ground up coffee on my desk so I can stand the stench! I not only see it, but I smell it and I listen to what the gastroenterologist says...

Apparently for mild constipation, prunes, stool softeners, and metamucil work. They have to be taken every day without fail in the moderate conditions. Citrucil is along the same lines. The mechanism is natural and does not create dependence. It distends the bowel and gives it something to squeeze, sort of a 'work out' for the muscles of the intestines, both small and large.

There is a metamucil-like substance that is twice as strong, it tastes awful, and makes a grey paste that has to be taken twice a day. I do not remember what the name was of it. Apparently there are some people that this works for them, they are motivated, and by taking this they stay healthy in the bowels. Next time I work with this gastroenterologist I will ask the name and update this post, so you might want to check back.

Then comes Miralax when the others fail. It is not exactly 'natural' in that it just cleans and empties the bowel. But it does not create dependence like other laxatives can.

The reason people become chronically constipated is based on the food choices. Bowel likes a great deal of fiber (in most cases, perhaps with more care in divericular disease). When preference is for foods that are refined with lots of sugar, there is no residue, and this is a set-up for problems with digestion down the road.

A nurse had a daughter who had 'stomach aches' but was usually made to go to school. She stayed home some times. Well, an x-ray showed that the daughter was chronically constipated. Although she was about ten, her pediatrician prescribed large doses of miralax twice a day (double strength). It took six months for her to clear out and regain normal bowel function.  Now the family is aware of her needs, and when symptoms recur, she just has to take a short course of miralax until it resolves.

For more on bowel health, here is the original article with some recommendations for natural products, as well as a diagram of what healthy stool and unhealthy stool look like so you may compare

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc