Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wire Cutters And The Galactic Key

This is a tale about Freedom.

A lady surgeon I know, confided to me last year that because business was down, and there were office expenses to keep up, that some months 'she didn't even get a paycheck' at her work with her group in private practice. But she continued to work because she enjoyed helping people, and she wasn't sure how long she would stay with the group, but she knew they were all pulling through together.

Then I heard she quit.

I was sad because both of us have boys, and hers are a little older than mine, and I enjoy her. And she's not on Facebook.

It turns out the group was not taking the loss evenly--she was only getting TWENTY PERCENT of her collections...this means that she was being paid twenty cents on every dollar of work that she earned for the group. And the others--they were all men-- were getting to keep ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of their collections!!!

The boss is said to be 'fair' and 'all as a team' with his mouth. But when she discovered what was the truth, and confronted him with it, he admitted it. And that is when she quit. Now her office is with her husband's office--he's also a doctor--and she will continue to work on her own at our hospital too.

The changes are very subtle, but it you look around you, you will begin to see women step into their power. The confidence is increasing. The fear and the conditioning of being 'held down' by the system for generation after generation is starting to break loose.

Women are being appreciated for their contribution, on a soul level, in every interaction around us I can see.

Yesterday, a cleaning woman in the O.R., who was at the retirement party for Flor, and I socialized with there so we are friends too--she confided to me that her mother had TWENTY FIVE babies!

She said there was only one pair of twins, and no fetal demise. Of the twenty five, only seven sisters were left now.

She gestured with her hands how 'there was always a new baby' on her stomach, and showed how it got big with child and then flat and then swollen up with new life again.

Apparently, at the holidays, there was 'one big long table' but they had to eat as a family in two shifts, or 'seatings' as you would say if it was a restaurant...

What a wonderful way to break the cycle--for this colleague of mine--to work and have a daughter and be able to enjoy her life instead of having more babies than that couple who is in the reality TV and the news...

As the energies of the Goddess are freed from the suppression that has been going on full-tilt for eight thousand years, these are the kinds of emotions you might start to see transforming before your very eyes...just like the stories I have shared with you. Your own stories might begin to take a turn for the better...Even males will benefit from the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Their masculinity will enhance in the most natural and intended way.

The Old System: Suppression of All That Is Not Society-Conforming Masculine And Human

Freedom Arrives With Spring:

Until next time...remember your connection to Source and to your inner guide within your heart.
Anchor and ground the incoming energies from the Galactic Central Sun. And be glad. Our freedom has arrived for everyone!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc