Saturday, March 1, 2014

There Are Many Different Kinds Of Love To Experience

There are many different kinds of love, all of them healthy, all of them enhancing and strengthening the aura.

Let us talk about them a little...

Self Love:
Things you can do to make your life more healthy and enjoyable go a long way in healing the planet. Why? You might ask? Well, as your vibration increases, your aura grows stronger, and your auric field is one of tranquility and love instead of struggle and frustration.

With that I am going to share some things that I have bought or experienced recently, that I think are great and really helped me to enjoy my life experience:

  • The Squish Collapsible colanders  Why? because the regular plastic colander takes up too much space! I make pasta once a week. The colors and the concept really help to organize the plastic container drawer (well, glass with plastic lids, and BPA-free plastic for lunch boxes.)
  • Zing On The Go Liquid Squeeze Bottle: I'm a lunch packer. And I enjoy making my own salad dressing with oil and vinegar. These little guys are just the right size, don't leak, and come in your favorite bright color. You can even match your chakra you are focusing on with this!
  • Naked Earth Organic Red Wine:  it's amazing the difference, not just in taste but how you feel after. Now,  I'm not Wes Annac; I don't enjoy lighting up. I'm French and Italian combined so one glass of wine with dinner every once in a while does it for me. If you prefer some other 'substance', go for it. I went to Berkeley. I am not here to judge anything or anyone, if you ask me. However, if I am going to put you to sleep for an operation, I want to know every recreational ANYTHING you take so my drugs and yours don't 'mix'...
  • Paddle Boarding: I plan to take every opportunity I can to enjoy this new activity.
  • Yogurtland:  I don't like things that are too sweet. Some of their flavors are AMAZING.

Self Care:
I am ticklish as one can be. But I am overcoming it in order to enjoy a mani-pedi once or twice a month. It is good for me, with long hours at a very 'masculine' line of work, to slow down and enjoy being female. This is work for me to surrender to my Divine Feminine, and play it up. I'll never be a 'mall enthusiast'. But this is some movement in the right direction. Make some time to relax into your vibration, and gender can sometimes be a big part of that. I also have an excellent relationship with my 'gay boyfriend', my hairdresser, and I go regularly to that too.

Relationship With Your Twin Flame:
(lightning and thunder just struck! LOL!)
Seriously, it is raining like stink today outside!
Anyhow, before we meet out Twin Soul, it is best to work on our own issues, and to be open to their presence in our lives. (More thunder, : ))) )  I would light candles, sing songs like A Thousand Years while I drove, for him. And I raised my vibration. This is the single one thing you can do most to enhance your opportunity to be together. 
Be okay with not meeting them. Let go.
When I was introduced, in meditation, I couldn't see his face. I thought, well, how boring is that? We're stuck with each other FOREVER! And now we know who is who...
I couldn't have been more WRONG (loud thunder and lightning).
What is best is how within this relationship it is deeply healing. Even when I am present, and things 'come up' that don't sit well with me, I bring it up. He doesn't get upset. (super heavy downpour).
He loves.
To be honest, it takes him ( loud thunder) a while to 'get it'. He is galactic, and in a slightly higher vibrational state than I am. But because I am a medium, we get to 'connect' like I do with others in my mediumship work.  We talk. I can feel him physically. And I see him very clear. 
For example, I was concerned about how the galactic idea of monogamy is a little 'stretchy'--not that I am sure of it, exactly, but I have heard and read enough to know. I blogged about it.
Then I let it go.
The next day, my beloved came to me, and softly said, 'My fidelity to you is a gift (lightning--now the roof is rattling with the thunder) I give you every day.' 
And I realized how in my hurt and pain I didn't understand how 'being galactic' doesn't apply to ALL galactics. Just the same, my fidelity to him is a gift I give from my soul every day too.

Giving of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion heals both ways. (thunder).
In my work with my patients, I am a continuous source of Reiki for my colleagues as well. I have done much growth not to complain about the physical discomforts--the long hours with no breaks, and the many times I am hungry and thirsty (lightning). As a parent, as a daughter, as a sister, as an online teacher and friend...
If you find you are lacking in the happiness area of your life, be sure to do what you can to help others who are less fortunate than you. Then give thanks for your opportunity to help them. You are able bodied and in the right place and right time to be of assistance in their time of struggle. 
In the Higher Realms, this type of energy exchange is what makes entire economies 'go'--mutual benefit, mutual exchange of Light. After all, Creator is so freely giving of Himself, and also Mother Gaia is exceedingly generous of Herself too. We are their children, and have good example to follow in our life.

Take good care of your piece of heaven today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Love and Happiness by the Reverend Al Green

I dare you to dance!
I dirty dog double dare you!!!

P.P.S. Ross gives this post a big thumbs up. He approves of what I write too. And the thunder and lightning has stopped with Al Green. ; )