Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: March 8, 2014

My Jewels,

Something very wonderful is about to begin. There is something beautiful, more beautiful than anything you have ever seen or felt or experienced that is waiting in the wings; it is a rainbow of butterflies, a masterpiece of the heart, a recognition of a time long lost that once belonged to you.

My Children, the Veil of Tears, of Sorrow, of Suffering, is going to be lifted from your sad eyes.

It is going to happen any day from now--but don't pin me on a particular day or time for that is unwise if you know how many factors are running into it, behind the scenes, at 'the show'. (Big, warm loving smile that lights up her face and makes my heart feel warmth, nurturing, compassion and love all at the same time--ed).

It is going to happen. The feeling is indescribable, you have but a taste of it in your wildest imaginations, in your dreams, and in your heart-felt desire to experience what you signed up for when you came to Gaia for your life journey.

It is going to be better than anything you could imagine. In a heartbeat or two your eyes and face will be certain enough to know that 'this is it!!!' and it is time for the heart to skip a beat or two with gladness and with miracles and wonderment! (another big, sweet, beautiful smile--ed).

Everything happens for the best.
Everything happens for the best.
Everything happens for the best.

God with grant a Victory to the Resistance Movement, the workers of the Light.

Have faith.

Have strength and fortitude and justice shall arrive on angels' wings with love for everyone and everybody.

No one is going to miss it--even you in your darkest operating room where you work is going to have the Light of Heaven overwhelm it!

There is no thought of Justice. Only your heart (she touches her heart center with her left hand) will be overwhelmed and overflowing with nurturing, warmth, joy, love, compassion, and forgiveness as if it were the very first time, as if you had only been awakening from what had been a 'nightmare of the soul'--and not the 'Nightmare Before Christmas' (she laughs her tinkling laugh as she has made a little joke and enjoys the humor for a moment before she continues...ed)

My Jewels (she makes a gesture as if to gather us all close to her heart for a big group hug--ed)
My are my breath!  You are my Hope! You are my Sweetness! You are God's Children! And so you Belong to My Heart, and I have every Blessing that I have to give that I pour out upon your heads! (I see her taking a big deep woven brown basket full of sparkling powder, and she is shaking it upside down over all of us, shaking it to make sure that all the 'powder' of Blessings is out of the basket she was carrying and now on us. --ed)

My Jewels, there is nothing that shall remain of the old ways and the old times. (she flicks her hand in such a way like she is brushing off crumbs from a table or dust off your shoulder of your coat--ed).

Everything has passed with the old 'Ages' of the 'times that were spent in hardship and in loneliness and in suffering'.

There is only Life, a Glorious new Life that is new!


Walk to it!
Walk to it with your two feet. (makes a gesture with her two index fingers of each hand like a little leg).

What if you cannot walk? What if you cannot walk with your limbs?
Use your MIND! For if you are reading this, your mind (touches her finger to the side of her head, her right index finger--ed) is not broken!

The soul never is broken--although it may 'come close' at times in the Illusion to feeling like it has been 'lost'--and use the heart and mind together to imagine your limbs bravely walking the last steps across the finish line after the race has ended and no winner has been named.

It is like a marathon where everyone who crosses the line has finished the race and is a SUCCESS no matter what the 'time of length of being run'.

God has something FABULOUS for you in that 'goodie bag' with all the carefully packed, loving sentiments and useful items that have been prepared for you by the sponsors of the run, the marathon, the being 'here on Gaia for some time', my little princesses and princes! For that is what you are to me, my royal children who have bravely fought the fight and made it to this passage of the Highest Confidence and Peace and Light--FOREVER!!!!!

No one can take this from you, my sweet Ones. Not the bank you pay the loan payments for your mortgage and for your automobile. Not the owner whom you pay rent. Not the tax place where you pay your taxes. Not your government that makes the folly of pretense of war and agony. Not the law where so many of you have had harrowing experiences on both sides 'of the fence'...

That is no more.
That is passed.
This is ended.

God has fertility and abundance, my Jewels!

It is on the way!

Come! Walk to it!

With your Hearts and Minds together.

I want you to get very excited as you come closer to the finish all the love and family who are present at the finish line and cheering you ON!!!

So whether you walk, run, limp, are carried on the shoulder of another, or on a stretcher!--you are a WINNER in all of our eyes (points to her eyes with the index finger of each hand --ed).

We are the eyes of Heaven!

And the Ascended Masters weep as their hearts are filled with joyous sweet love for you...and remembrance of the time before the separation when all of you signed up to arrive to save Gaia and her creatures, one last time.

You are the specialists of specialists of Planetary Liberation in the Cosmos.

So--go out and 'do your thing'--and come back to our loving hearts and minds who dearly await you.

For your Victory is at hand, is in sight, is on the threshold--not at a 'time' but at a common vibration among the masses and your heart's frequency--vibration has been sufficient to call the team in for All Divine Assistance to the People of Surface Gaia--immediately (in as far as time where time runs no more, my sweet and deliberate Ones who want to know 'what time is it?' and 'are we there yet?' like in the back seat of the car. I read the signs and I understand them: rest stops in four hundred yards, etc, etc. You may not be able to read the signs, my precious princesses and beloved princes of peace and love and charity--but I do and you are going to have to trust in this until your coming up to speed in the ways of full consciousness in the galaxy.--she has a very sweet smile and glow as she says this--ed)

So for now, that is Enough, and I shall take leave for another time when I return.

Goodnight my sweet princesses and beloved princely beings of Light,
the Victory of the Light is at last here! Sleep well and rest.

You shall awaken to a glorious new day (touches her heart with her right hand).

I love you very much and that is forever with roses that have not a thorn--not one!--to scratch your hand when you gather them. 

That is never going to happen again (shows a scratch and bleeding from a thorn).

Everything is beautiful through and through. What you see is what you get. There are no more tricks! Not ever. I want my children to rejoice and understand the time has come for you to relax and enjoy the show. Forever and ever and ever. (great big smile, one that shows all the beautiful white pearly matching teeth--ed--now she waves good bye)

With all my Peace, I guide you ever gently back home to my heart.

Mother Mary

full rights and permissions remain to Reiki Doc--okay to share this work if it is copied in its entirety and recognition is given to me for this channeled written message. Saturday, March 8, 2014

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc