Monday, March 10, 2014

De L'Eau

You are mostly water.

It is in your body fluids and inside of every cell.

Your choices on water affect your well-being more than you might realize.

The goal is to have a good source of water in your day that has the least chemicals from the packaging, the most purity with only healthy minerals, an alkaline pH (for most people, but not all--in kidney disease especially look that one up), and Very High Vibration from Nature.

Here are some options, and at the end we will give two brief tips on things you can do NOW, without buying a thing, to make what you are drinking more healing for you.

This one is like a Brita on steroids. It's electronic and filters large quantities of water very fast. The claim is to 'get ten times the toxins as Brita' out. Depending on your needs, this one might be right for you. I found the taste to be clear and crisp, somewhat difficult to describe, but it's how it seemed when I tasted it. The pH is not alkaline.

This one I didn't taste, but it is like a Brita that makes the water alkaline and removes many things. It's nice that the cartridge has a replacement indicator for the filter.

Castle Rock Water
This is my water of choice. Although I use a Brita at home, for away from the home, I enjoy this. The water--if you look past the first page on the website--is one 'commercial water' that makes beautiful crystals in Masaru Emoto's studies. It's from Shasta Springs, which is right by the entrance (one of them) to Agartha. It is the 2014 winner of the worlds' best bottled water award. PH is 7.55 and it is naturally structured. The glass for the packaging is fifty-percent recycled too.

This is the world's only fresh, natural water that comes out of the found with a pH of 9.3. I think I recall sodium hydroxide at my chem lab having a pH of ten! But this water tastes good and offers much 'free radical neutralizing'. Again, be careful for this one in kidney disease, because the kidneys work to keep the pH at 7.4 normally.

This one my friend Hope has in Hawaii. I drank that water from the big dispenser/filter unit for one week, and I noticed a difference. The filters last a long time. I am thinking of buying a smaller one for me at my work for when I am on call. Typically I bring my own bottled water in. This is alkaline water along with filtering many other things out.

A Meditation For Increasing The Healing Energy in Water 

  • hold a glass of water in your hands, with the palms up and the sides of your hands your pinkie fingers are on actually touching the glass. Hold the glass in the middle with two 'karate chop' hands palms up.
  • gaze at the glass and imagine the most wonderful experience of your life, for me, it was the birth of my son, and take that joyful memory and feel it alive again in your heart
  • send this Love energy into your water for several moments
  • Drink the water
  • do this twice a day

The Masaru Emoto Method to Increase the HADO of the Water
Speak out loud, think, or tape to the water glass the words 'Love and Gratitude'.
(If you notice, I stumbled across this with my 'aloha and mahalos' I always say. When I got to that part of the book in Emoto's latest one as I was reading it, I almost dropped the book out of my hands! I was like, 'whoa!' and nothing hardly ever fazes me ; )    )

Early start at work.
I must go.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Cheers! Here's to healthy water and healthy YOU! : )))))

P.P.S. my favorite restaurant has two special types of water filtration systems. The filters are changed once a year, as they are commercial grade. One is alkaline Kengan water. I love it.