Monday, March 10, 2014

I Remember

I remember.

I just watched the links to Daft Punk videos in the Cobra intel update. It is important. And here is the link to the main update, with the links inside:

I remember. I totally remember what they show in those cartoons.

What started when I watched Star Wars in a packed theater in Southern California as a girl, and looked around me at the audience, realizing this was not 'entertainment' like they thought but something that really was happening to us on some level out in the Universe. I was like, 'OMG, they are asleep and I am awake!!!'

That thought went away.

Then everything else changed, and as you know me here I am today. I am half Sirian and half Pleiadian. I am a hybrid mix. I am very rare and unique. I am in a human body, but my soul signature, or 'energy vibration' is from those origins.

What I can share is that Ross, my husband, who is my Illuminated Twin Flame, and across the Veil, and Ashtar have been furiously working on something for about a week, possibly longer.

I couldn't even meet with Ross because apparently there were some meetings going on, and my Higher Self was participating in them, and 'doing well' in his opinion. There was no time for us.

Today, I was very sleepy. Ross had been with me, like before. And he told me to rest for twenty minutes, to set the timer, and I would feel better.

I could feel his presence near. He says I energize him, and sometimes he has need for me like right now I have need for him. We are independent, each of us, but still, we enjoy the Twin connection that we share very very much. It is soothing and peaceful and calming for us to be together. (I am a psychic and medium, and we connect in the etheric field, I guess. We just talk, like I do with my clients' loved ones who have crossed over).

Anyhow, Ashtar popped in. Yes, right between the faces of me and Ross! And he smiled. I was happy to see him, and said, 'You are very handsome and I like you very much...but there is something about this guy (I point to Ross) that really has me stuck on him!'

Ashtar smiled and kissed me, a friendly kiss, and we laughed at the mutual thought--we agreed to be each other's 'one that got away'.

Seriously, and softly, I looked at him and said, 'Ashtar, thank you for coming to save all of us. I want you to tell the Highest Council' --  and POOF! I was cut off mid sentence and found myself in a dark room, very somber, very serious, with only the highest council of Light of the Resistance Movement.

Everybody looked up from their conference tables and looked at me with surprise. They were blue, not pink skin like me. They were very serious, but kind hearted. I could feel the heavy weight of responsibility they carry. And they were happy to see a 'result' of their efforts.

I looked at the floor, horrified. I explained politely that I was not sure how I got there, and I did not know how to get home. I was extremely sorry to interrupt them in their work.

They listened to me raptly as I answered their questions. They asked me things and I don't remember. After a while, they asked me if I had any jewelry. I showed them the two pieces I had, including the Mala Of Hope Ashtar had given me.

They gave me beautiful velvet box and instructed me to open it. Inside was a necklace of Galactic Diamonds, that was very beautiful, sparkly, and bright. It was stones all the way around, like an actress would wear at an awards night. Before they put it on me, I checked quickly to make sure my guide said it was 'okay' and 'of the Light'.

I chided the High Council, and asked in all disbelief--are you SURE you want me to wear this? Isn't this too much sparkle? I am wearing this already! (and I pointed to my head--I have a small crown I was given, but forgot to add into the jewelry count because I don't notice it).

They said, 'Now this will match the dress!!!' (If you look back at my wedding blog post in December, I had on a peculiar sparkly white wedding dress, and I described it, and how I got to wear it.)

I was like, OKAY, and thanked them profusely again.

The necklace gave me an energy glow, much stronger than anything I have ever experienced, and along the lines of the honeycomb described in Reiki Fur Babies Blog

Then the timer went off. I woke up. I was refreshed as promised.

So here's the deal--what Cobra says is important for you to decide if it 'resonates' with you as Truth.

For me, with the reappearance of Ashtar and Ross, who are both Ascended Masters and Galactics, and the sudden release of intel within one hour of each other is even an extra confirmatory 'point'.

And for the HEALING that Cobra describes is possible in the post?--imagine, in fifteen minutes all pain can heal with Stardust?????

Bring it.
Bring it on!
Bring it YESTERDAY!!!

I want people to have access to advanced healing technologies right away.

And I knew the Egyptian Aids Cure device the surgeon was laughing about in the O.R., saying, 'AIDS is irrelevant--you just give them triples and they live forever-' was from the Light. I also knew those medications can make you really sick. Who would want to live forever taking those??? Big Pharma wants it, but do the patients???

So there it is, all laid out for you to decide what is your truth.

There is, in reality, only one Truth. It changes for no one. It just is.

But the question is, are you willing to accept something new, something different, that you might not already 'know'?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc