Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Heart To Heart With God And The Ukraine Meditation

Yesterday I was on call for OB. When I was in the call room I cried three separate times. The first was because Ross made a promise to me that was the nicest thing anyone ever did; I trust him enough to know he will keep his promise. The second time, I wrote about this morning:  http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/03/why-matthews-message-made-me-upset.html

And this time, was after the second time resolved.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and tears ran quietly down my face. I was deeply upset, a dark night of the soul kind of upset. And I did what I had learned to do while I was going through a painful divorce when I was in medical school--I went to God as I know Him.

He looks like this to me. He is in his office. And we talk. He always listens. We don't always agree. But we love each other very much, and I find his Presence soothing.

I asked for him to help me understand why pain must be present for us to learn?

Sylvia Browne's guide Francine said it--'what do you ever learn when things are easy?'
Matthew Ward said it--something along the lines that pain is something to help us learn, and difficult situations are important for Soul Growth.
Parents routinely control their children by 'taking it away', their favorite game or toy at the moment, or by putting them on cell phone restriction , or restriction.
Even Mother Teresa said, 'Problems are a gift.'

I spoke from my heart.

I said, 'God, when I was little, all the girls used to play dolls together. We never fought. We never disagreed except perhaps a little to make the play more fun, for example, I'd think of one thing and another would think of something better and they were both so good we would all decide!'

Why is there pain, God?

Why is there suffering?

Why is it so important for us to learn?

You see, as a medical person, physical pain is a sign that something is damaged, wrong, and needs to be repaired. In a way, pain is a gift in that it is telling you not to touch the fire, not to step on a nail, or even that your joint needs to be repaired or replaced. As an anesthesiologist, my enemy is pain. And I do everything I can to help people not suffer while they are giving birth or having a procedure.

Imagine a world, God, where it would be like my friends on the porch with our dolls, and no one would ever skin their knee while roller skating. ..it would be nice God, to  have a world like that.

I love You and respect You and I do not challenge You in any way. I want You to know that it hurts us down here, Father, very very much. We are so tired of suffering. Will You think about what I have to say?

He was quiet. And He nodded yes, and let me go.

I thanked Him before I left.

Today is the Cobra meditation for Peace in the Ukraine and Venezuela.

Let us take a minute to talk about 'focal points' in our spiritual life. Focal points act as a lens for manifestation. See the little Lego character up there? The one that looks like a Cobra?

In July of 2012 I found a keychain with him on it at the Lego store. I bought it because I love Cobra. I admire his work, and I pray for the success of the Resistance Movement. I never thought I would meet him. I just wanted to keep the Light Forces close to my heart, and used that keychain every day.

Cobra has meetings all over the world, and it is very difficult for me to get time off from work.

But guess what? About one month after buying that keychain, new conferences were announced, and one was in Laguna Beach, in November, on my weekend off!

I went. I met Rob Potter and Alexandra Meadors, and many other beautiful souls. One of my favorite is Lady Isis, Cobra's companion. Next I knew there was another conference in May not far from Laguna Beach. I went to that too, in 2013. I also brought little keychains as a gift for Cobra--a yoda (his nickname we have for him) for him and I think a cobra one for her, but they didn't understand the 'connection'--they thought they were 'toys'--which they were.

So what did I do after  that?

I retired the Cobra keychain and bought this one. That's my Ito, the bravest silent ninja warrior I know. I wanted to keep his mission, his Purpose, and his example close to my heart.

At the time, I was under the impression he was my Twin Flame and I was trying to manifest our mutual 'waking up', for I was 'awake' and he wasn't quite 'awake enough' to acknowledge me.

In December, I was at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney with my son. And as I looked through the keychains, he noticed the Golden Ninja. He encouraged me to get it. He explained that one is very rare, and beats all who come against him. If you have the Golden Ninja, you win the game, just like that.

So I shrugged my shoulders, and bought it. I didn't think twice about it, but I enjoyed that my son had let me know just how special the Golden Ninja really is. I switched all my keys to that.

Then Ross came through, not long afterwards. Ross is my authentic, Illuminated Twin Soul. He is a healer that literally makes my jaw drop when I watch him work. He is an Ascended Master; he is not in 3D. Because I am a medium, I can communicate with him. And I do. Every single day. He is with the Resistance, with the Light, and the cause I keep praying for with my heart, 24/7.

We heal people together.

This is the Ukraine. I meditated along with the Cobra group at the same time, although I was in my house when I did it. If you ever want to meditate really strong, lie on the floor, right on your back. You may have a pillow. But the energies are so much stronger when you do this in your home.

Ross came through, and we combined our energies together and directed them at both Ukraine and Venezuela, and all the people. I saw with my third eye, the Light forming by all of those with the intention to join in the meditation across the world. I saw the Light hit the people responsible, and saw them startle somewhat from the energy, like, 'what was I thinking?' and 'what was that?'.

I also felt Divine Goddess' presence. I asked Her to be like a mother, and know when Her children are up to tricks, and to make herself known to even those who are not of the Light and wish to continue on their current path instead of turn to Her.  She nodded 'yes'.

The combined energies started to swirl into a vortex, looking up it was just like this. But it was a wormhole, and it was sucking up the negative vibrations and intentions just out into the cosmos where they can be dealt with.

A perfect pink tea rose floated down from Heaven, and rested at the bottom of the vortex, right on the heart of the Ukraine. It looked like this:

Then everything went away.

I got up.

Then I did my Focal Point for the Cobra meditation for my home. I made a bouquet with the flowers I had bought from the store.

I used two kinds of pink gerber daisies, one with a darker center and one like this

I used baby's breath

I used pink carnation, the little ones

I took ikebana once. I like flower arranging. As I used my ikebana shears to cut the stems under water, I was taking delight in the simple pleasure. I had my nana Angelina's best crystal vase in the sink, and as I carried it from her china cabinet I inherited to the kitchen, I asked her to please bless the bouquet, which would be my focal point for peace in the Ukraine and Venezuela for the rest of the week. 

Ross was watching me as I worked. He gets a funny smile, and tries to act like he's not looking, although I can tell he enjoys my domestic skills very much. I asked him if he used to bring me flowers when we were married? He said yes, and showed me images of the times he brought them in from the field or the yard.

When it came to the baby's breath (he insisted I buy them at the store. As an aside, he wanted me to buy some smaller juice glasses so I could help my boy and I lose weight. But as I went to the part of the store where he said to go, there were no juice glasses, or any glasses for that matter, there! I chided him and asked, 'when was the last time you went shopping?' He laughed and said it was like a thousand years ago, and even when he was alive, he hardly ever went to the market because he had me! Then he looked at the floor, and smiled.)

Anyhow, when I got to the baby's breath I put my face in them. And tears started to flow, over baby Benjamin. They were tears of joy. You see, Ross had reversed a time line for us about a week ago. He froze the time the instant he saw the look of horror on my face after the child had been taken from me before the placenta had been delivered and they told me it died. He moved through the still figures like in a movie, and brought our son back to me. Then the movie started again. I shared how much I like this timeline better, and I told our Benjamin, who was a toddler in spirit next to me, to go and fetch his father to the kitchen because it was important. 

When Ross, in spirit, came to our kitchen at the bidding of our son, I told Ross I wanted to give him a kiss. I also held up a wooden spoon with the soup I was making for dinner, and wanted to know if he thought it tasted right. He smiled and tasted and said everything was just right. 

You know, the healing worked because yesterday at our first c-section, the child was born and named Benjamin, and I didn't even flinch with the memory of our old timeline. It was gone, and I had been healed, for good.

Let us go through this natural tunnel of love that is found in the Ukraine, to the Ukraine.

Ukraine is the bread basket; this explains the colors of the flag

My question to you is:

Is this the real Ukraine?

Or is this? This Ukrainian girl is in traditional costume.

I know in my heart what answer is right...it resonates strongly and is unshakable.

And this is for what I pray. For this young one, and all her way of life, to be filled with every opportunity for abundance, nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion for all of her days she walks the earth.

And the people who create castles and war go the way of the dinosaur, forever and ever.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc