Monday, March 17, 2014

A Day Of The Elementals: How To Make St. Patrick's Day Fun For The Wee Ones

I learned this from my sister--this doesn't have anything to do with channelled messages or Reiki at all...

Yet it honors the mystical and magical around us!

  • Hide the remotes in a strange place. Stack them all together.
  • Take every pillow on the couch--stack them up too.
  • Put green food coloring in the toilet bowl
  • Consider green food coloring in the milk
  • Set the table for breakfast with festive paper plates and napkins
  • hide little gold coins all over the house like easter eggs
  • put things where they don't belong--for example, there are four avocados next to the fish tank right now, and pillows on the musical instruments
  • serve green smoothies--here is my favorite, but I have a back up in the fridge of green machine which I know is 'okay'--take one handful of wheatgrass (it looks like you cut the lawn!), one cup of vanilla kefir, two cups of ice, and honey to taste. It turns out light green and quite tasty.
  • change all the bars of soap in the bathroom to something green
  • hang a St. Patrick's Day tee shirt in the door frame of the bedroom, so they walk into it

The goal is to make them feel like this:

While with your actions you are honoring the elementals--the Nature Spirits-such as Brownies, Sprites, Faeries, Undines, Faeries, Unicorns, and Leprechauns, who inhabit places like these cliffs in Ireland:

You can do this before they awaken, like the Tooth Fairy, or perhaps as a beautiful surprise when the family comes home from work and from school.

(Remember chocolate is not good for pets, and make special precautions if your pets have access to the home when the family is away.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc 
(who is One Quarter Irish!)