Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dear Father-God, I Disagree

Life sucks without a car.

That was an ad many years ago in Southern California for a used car dealership.

Life sucks without a car.

In Los Angeles, we and our vehicles are ONE. People judge us globally by the traffic, by the way we drive, by our 'road rage'.

Even in the O.R. last week, when there were two patients coming out of the rooms on gurneys and heading towards PACU, and were blocking each other in the hall, I made a joke about 'the 405 and carmageddon'--and everybody got it and laughed!!!

Well, perhaps not the patients. But if they were awake I bet they would have gotten it too.

Father God, do you ever drive?

I know you have all this love for us, but, technically, even though you experience life through us, have you ever needed to go to the bathroom on the way to Las Vegas and like, there's no gas station in sight?

Dude? Life on Earth is pretty tough.

Even though we imagined it.

Some people, who experience sufficient trauma, develop a psychological condition that is called a 'hysteric conversion'--for example, after seeing something terrible, the person might in fact not be able to see for the rest of their life.

I suffered something like this in one of my past lives. I lost the ability to speak. I the chatterbox and socialite who lost my beloved husband Gamaliel, tried to speak and I couldn't.

I know you are LOVE Father-God. I know you are only trying to wake us all up, and invite us back 'home' away from this horrible 'game' on Earth with the bodies as vehicles we see die and get all hung up over...

Father? In all honesty? What else is there to know?

How are we going to wake up and Love You if you make us feel guilty for being what we are, the poor, suffering children of Eve?

We don't know any better.

And on Earth, if you do not take special consideration for the blind, the mentally disabled, the infirm, those who can't walk, those who are suffering--if you do not show them Love in your Heart, and Respect in all of your actions, this type of behavior reflects badly on You.

We can't SEE your Love! We can't even FEEL it! And no matter how much you talk about it, we are the poor, crying children of Eve...

Mother-God accepts and loves us as we are. She tells us to have Faith and that everything is going to get better. Her Love nurtures us and supports us and we feel it and to be honest it is the only thing that is keeping us going down here.

I know you pay the bills, Father-God. I know we owe everything we have and everything we are to YOU. I respect that.

But when you publish something like this, in a way, to those of us on Earth, it is like having you smile at us with some piece of lettuce stuck on your teeth.

We would VERY MUCH LIKE to understand what you are telling us, wake up and say, 'oh well, my husband died but it is one big joke, an illusion, my imagination--and who gives a darn about the loss, the tears, and how I am going to support myself and raise the family?'

Father-God, I think of you and Spirit 99.99% of the day. I love YOU more than anything! And Ross, my beloved Twin Flame, and I get along just fine even though he is without a body.  I love him like I did when he was on earth. And yet I still cry over the flashbacks of his death! I cry to this day, it was so horrifying.

So until you turn on the lights in the theater and tell us to all go Home, just between us, this movie is really scary and it's gonna give me nightmares for a while when I get home.

I know it's hard for you to understand it, but  from where I sit, that's how it sure looks to us, all of us, down here. Everything we experience is so utterly unlike YOU, and even just the thought of being away from you--if only with the imagination--gives me the willies and I take care of all kinds of scary, gory things every single day at my work!!!

So Papa, If you give me a chance, I would like to address those who are like me, kind of awake and kind of stuck in this 'reality' that you call fake...

  • Remember it is always Darkest before the Dawn
  • You are the Morning Stars, just like in the photo above--you herald the dawn with your otherworldly presence and Light
  • The birds can sing what they will, but the real Light in the darkness is YOU
  • Shine as you were always meant to SHINE
  • Help others in awakening
  • Be their strength, their anchor, their Rock
  • Have faith that this transition is only temporary; there are better things to come
And then Father-God, all of us together shall be on the same page, and understand your advice once more--with our 'bodies', our hearts, our minds, our spirits, and our Faith.

Aloha nui loa, Papa in Heaven,
Mahalos for your Kindness to Us in letting us be Here in the Experiment (called Life)

Reiki Doc