Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Old 3D Gone?

Earth has Ascended.

Gaia and all her inhabitants who do not have Free Will turned to 5D sometime in 2012.

All of the plants, animals, and minerals share different 'contracts' with spirit, so when She went to 5D, all of them did too.

All plants are vibrating with the frequency of 5D.
This is a loquat--or in Italian, nespoli--tree.

This lamb is alive with the energy of 5D.

Can you feel the 5D in the hummingbird and the flowers?

So are the minerals--crystals, metals, sand, and soil.

This is why we are encouraged to spend as much time in Nature as possible!
To expose ourselves to the higher frequencies, and to soak up like a sponge the wonder of 5D.

We call it Vitamin N for 'Nature'.  We need a little every day.

And also, sunshine directly on our skin downloads many key codes and activation sequences for Ascension of ourselves, too. Sunscreen kind of blocks it. Light coming through a window kind of blocks it. If you ask me, lots of 'geoengineering' or 'chemtrails' effectively block the strength of the sunlight too. The goal is about twenty minutes of direct sun on skin, even just arms or a face, every day to achieve maximum benefit from an energy vibrational perspective.

So what about the HEARTS in 3D?

What makes them melt?

Who is going to be first to experience 5D?

Well, to be frank, there is no 'race' to the finish line...everyone shall win.

At their own pace, at their own time, as they feel comfortable.

As a result, most of the Free-Will Inhabitants on Gaia at this moment are already in 4D, some lower ranges, some higher. There are also some in 5D, 6D, and beyond...right Here and Now...

The ones who have used their free will to 'finish the lessons in 3D a little longer' in their life experience have taken 'Exit Plans' and died. Not everyone who dies is 3D. But the ones who choose to be reborn into another comparable experience (Since Gaia Ascended) are being sent there to finish up the 'curriculum' like a transfer of schools we would have for a student here in our present daily understanding of this analogy...

So we don't have to worry about '3D suddenly going away' on Tax Day in the United States.

It already did, and it was right under our noses!

That wasn't very scary, now, was it?

So to UPGRADE your vibration, why not, just for today, go out and enjoy a little Vitamin N?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc