Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yoda 104: Curiosity and the Conference

Actual slide from the Laguna Conference: permission given by Cobra

'Mom! WHY are you going to that conference???' one of my kids asked, exasperated, in the car, as I informed them on the way to their weekend with their dad.

Why am I going? Words were hard to find. It was something I couldn't explain.

'I...I don't want to miss out!'  I said, 'I want to see this person myself.'

I have reflected on this ever since I was asked the question. Now I understand what motivated me: the chance to 'see' a person who communicates with the Pleadians 'energetically'.

When I meet you, I don't recall what you look like. Not to the extent of your clothes or hairstyle or whether you wear glasses. As a life-long psychic, I adapted by taking a 'read' of a person by their aura. Everyone has a unique 'energy fingerprint', and I recognize it. This 'fingerprint' is the same whether someone is alive or has crossed over to 'The Other Side'; that is how I 'know' who is who when I am 'talking' to them in either case. 

Dentists are like this. I asked mine once how they identify a body by dental records. He said simply, that he remembers each mouth. No two sets of teeth are the same, and he could recognize anyone by looking at them instantly if they were one of his patients. I am that way too, with intubation. I can recall an airway when I look in it the second time. I also 'know' more or less how an individual 'reacts' to anesthetic, and although I tailor my anesthesia for the individual, I remember how that anesthetic was if I ever give anesthesia to that same patient a second time.

As someone who 'talks' with the deceased, with angels, and with the living, it caught my interest to meet someone 'from both worlds'. I wanted to 'feel' if there was anything 'different' so I would be prepared whenever Disclosure and First Contact came around.

So here I am, in the audience, checking Cobra out scanning for any sign, any clue, of the Pleadian in him. My intuition was working at full capacity, sensing, and feeling with my heart center to confirm for myself what was what.

I was stumped. I had no read at first toward human or not from here...however, it has been said that the Pleadians are the closest to us in resemblance.

The only thing I noticed was how he answered my questions. It happened twice. There is an extra 'octane' to the information that is given that resonates in the heart center and the consciousness.  I felt like Cobra 'got' what I was asking, perfectly, and was able to answer the deeper question that motivated me to raise my hand to ask as well as to answer the one that was asked. Here is an example:

Me: 'How does someone tell if they are a Lightworker from another place? How did you know?'
Him:  Because if you are you have a strong desire to go home.
(I had spent hours wanting to go home, away from Earth, when I was in medical school, and had never told a soul; I never understood until this moment exactly what that longing signified about me. According to him, the same set of souls has been reincarnating on earth over and over again for the last 25,000 years, each lifetime gaining a skill that would be put to use at this time NOW in galactic history. One of them might be me? It felt like I was with one of the best graduate student Teaching Assistants back in engineering in college--knowledgeable, approachable and super helpful in learning the material.).

No matter what exactly Cobra is, it is my belief that the interaction we had was not like anything on Earth I had experienced to this time. It was authentic, confident, and uplifting. I enjoyed it. I wish more people would be like that around me! Good luck and best to you, Cobra, on your work and your mission. Thank you and Rob Potter for making this conference happen last week.


Reiki Doc