Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Chiropractor Story

A doc who was a chiropractor before going to medical school shared his story with me:

A patient of his brought in her husband to his office. The complaint was severe new-onset low back pain. There was no fall or injury associated with the back pain. The wife was tired of his complaints.

During the work up, as questions were being answered it became clear that the pain was out of proportion to the findings in the physical examination.

As the chiropractor was starting to make his decision for the diagnosis and prepare a plan of treatment, he heard two words, loud, in his right ear: BE CAREFUL!

Devout, although this was the very first time something like this had ever happened to him in his career, at once he recognized the voice was the Holy Spirit.

He listened to the advice, and sent the patient to the lab for some blood work, just to be sure, before he started his treatment.

The patient turned out to have an acute leukemic crisis. He lived only three weeks after the diagnosis.

This physician  'prays all the time' at his work ever since...


Reiki Doc