Monday, November 19, 2012

The Importance of Rest, Downtime, and Sleep

Sleep is the body's way of regenerating itself. This applies to the physical, the emotional,  the mental and the energetic bodies that are 'you'.  Do you ever stop and wonder why there is so much emphasis in our society on 'not getting enough sleep' due to commitments and distractions? We are encouraged to 'stay up late' by going out, by partying, by working late shifts, are we not? It is not 'cool' to go to bed at eight. It is 'lame' to spend the weekend at home, relaxing. We are supposed to be going a mile a minute, being exciting, if you judge yourself by books, movies, T.V. and computer imagery and characters.

Now it is time to ask yourself, 'Where does my dollar go when I stay up late and go out?' Where does it go when you pay to see a movie? Where does it go when you watch T.V. before bed?

Doesn't it go to the same people who sell Ambien, more or less? Doesn't it go to the one percent? The people that make the news, that make the T.V., that make the pharmaceuticals, that set up our society for us? They might not be in cahoots. Or more correctly, it depends on how you wish to perceive it. It depends on if you have eyes that see. And if you are 'awake' or if you prefer to believe they have your best interests before their profits.

Take the time to get in touch with your body. To find out what it right for YOU, whether it is 'cool' or not.  I just spent the weekend with some down time, and it was an eye-opening experience. Most of the time I look to weekends as a chance to 'catch up' on the housework (yes, I clean my house), chores, and  the sunshine (O.R.'s are dark, and this time of year, I rarely see any sun because I go in early and get out late).  We watched a lot of T.V. and pay-per-view, and after a while, I realized how much I had not been missing by not watching it! And how much push for Holiday Shopping there is.

Enjoy your time. Relax. Remember, back in Italy, in my mom's time, sleep was considered a 'medicine' and enjoyed to the fullest. In some times, back in history, people slept so much that they had a meal at around two a.m., and went back to sleep some more!


Reiki Doc