Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meneheune Message Today for You

Today I ran into some Meneheunes at a Sacred Site on Big Island. They were as excited to see me, and I them. They gave me a hug around the knees, and I hugged them as best I could. All of this was in spirit, with my intuition and my ability to 'see' with 'the sight'.

They expressed an interest in getting this message to you:

  • Open your heart. If open, make it wide open. This will help you in the times ahead.
  • What we didn't know, is how mean and nasty some of the invaders of our native land would get. We had to go into hiding.
  • Not one of us will get out and be seen by others with their 'two eyes' until everything is safe.
  • That time is short. (And so are we! Ha!)
  • Everything happens for the best. All of us shall be made stronger by our course in Duality.
  • The ocean is very sick, not in a nice way. Do your best to clean it while you are at the water--no throwing anything in that is not from there, and picking up trash that you see. Not to let someone else pick it up for you. You bend down, pick it up, and put it in the trash.
  • Send the ocean love while you are doing this. Give thanks for all of the oceans daily.
  • We are agriculturists, just like you, only better. Our produce makes Local Organic get blown in the dust--ours will taste so much better and be good for the environment.
  • Your thoughts are about as powerful as ours (they could levitate and move objects with psychic force)--watch what you think!
  • Our love for you goes way back, like, prehistoric.
  • History as you know it is going to change considerably. We counsel you to take it all in stride when 'it happens'.
  • If you want to know more about us, open your eyes when you are asleep (ask for dream visitation, invite us)
  • Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Next is Peace.
  • We want to come out and enjoy our place under the sky with all of you again. We are counting down the time for us to meet face to face.
  • All of your readers are quite blessed. We would not have had the time for this if they were not exceptional in every way on working for the Light. All of us know each and every one of you, though you may not know us. Some of you have quite the reputation, though in a nice way.
  • That is enough. Time for aloha. Aloha is the most important word of get hello, good bye, and I love you all for five letters! Spread out your aloha today.

Reiki Doc

Note: Meneheunes are Like Hawaiian Leprechauns.