Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coach Carlos Mantis Wolf Plantar

O Newly Awakened Ones:

Does this title make any sense to you? It makes perfect sense to me! It has to do with my recent lessons from Spirit. They are right for me, and on my level of 'life lessons'. Each word has a story behind it, which later I will explain. 

One of the most challenging things about being A Newly Awakened One, is that the excitement at being Awakened makes one want to rush out and share this new awakening to the WORLD!

The world, perhaps, or even your significant other, is not at your level of consciousness.
They might not have eyes that see and ears that hear like you.

There is a quote that goes something like, 'The two reasons why you should not teach a pig to sing: 1) it isn't going to work and 2) it annoys the pig'. I wouldn't say, 'pearls before swine' because that indicates that the pig will forever be a pig and never appreciate the pearl's value. Your loved one simply is on a different time table than you, even if you are Soul Mates or Twin Flames.

What I can say is, your higher Vibration/Consciousness/Awareness is going to directly interact with their aura, which will bypass the brain/mind, and either help uplift them (if they are on Ascension course) or drive them away (leaving room for someone of new higher vibration in your life ).

Does this make  sense to you?

It is only logical that Spirit works through the Heart, and Logic works through the Mind, does it not? But having been Newly Awakened, your Heart is going to process it and RESONATE with what is right for you.

Long story short: if it feels good (resonates) do it. Follow your own Bliss. It is the only way to 'lift anyone up'. 

So stop trying to annoy that pig in your life! And DO seek companionship/friendship with like-minded others, such as you would find in Psychic Development Class at a reputable place near you.

I was guided there to buy a business card holder today at the mall. It turns out that Coach is into 'energy' and 'what you bring to the workplace' has an effect on people and things. The energy there was marvelous, I made three friends who were delighted to discover that I am Reiki Doc. And like all good high-end merchandisers, they promised to be very discreet about my identity.

My next-door neighbor, the brother of the woman of the house. He came home physically exhausted, and energetically depleted. I saw a brown bag with takeout food in it. We waved as we drove in the driveway. I came out, and asked, 'How was your day?'. It was long, and hard. He works in the car wash. It is either too much work, or not enough because of the rain. 'Go and put your feet up!' I said, cheerfully. 'I had a long day, too. Would you like to see how I put my feet up? I smell my plumeria flowers as I go from the car to the kitchen. You haven't smelled this before? It is the scent of Hawaii, and when I sniff I take myself there. Here, take a whiff!' He leaned over, and a smile came across his face (he looks like a street person, all weathered and grizzled, and the smile was beautiful!). 'You know, this smells like banila' he said with his accented English. 'I know. I go from one job--work--to another--mom--and this is all the break I get. I really enjoy it. Feel free to smell them any time!'.

This has to do with some martial arts that is truly inspiring me at the moment. Focus is when your eyes are looking, your ears are listening and your mind is thinking!

I got this sign while taking the Reiki Master boy to the doctor yesterday. It was on  top of the x-ray light box, a brand label, but it had a 'sense' to it like it was a message for me. I looked it up: Teacher. That was secondary confirmation for the Ralph Waters blog post. Happy Birthday Ralph! (note--the blog calendar starts at 5 p.m. the day before it hits in California. Although today here is his birthday, when I posted it yesterday it was just in time for the international date line.)

What I thought was a big 'nothing' was plantar fascitis. I had it. It was crippling for my sister. Now one of my kids has it too. But the doc is amazing! Refused to take another x-ray due to concern for 'lifetime exposure'. Prescribed a topical ointment for pain relief that is from a compounding pharmacist. Recommended 'grounding', which is bare feet on earth/dirt to allow electrical equilibration of the person with ground. Also suggested I do 'energy work' on the foot. And cushions for both shoes, but one with a hole in it for the sore one. He said to go into salt water, the ocean, and take a wave to the back. I smiled and said, 'these are Ascension symptoms. People are having a lot of them in the feet. And sea salt added to a bath works just fine for clearing energy too. ' Now he wants my business cards, as Reiki Doc! I will get some to him... : )
I did the energy work tonight. It's not just 'on the foot'. Reiki touched in one place can go anywhere there is need for healing. The child's chakras were way out of whack, and I had just balanced them a week ago.  This is the nature of the learning experience! Pure Reiki by Usui, hands-on, does not recommend 'balancing chakras'. I find it helps people to link the energetic 'balance' with something that is visual (a pendulum swing). It shows how they get better right before their eyes. It works well to get people interested in the energetic healing arts. I highly recommend it. (Reiki III and above can do it).


Reiki Doc