Thursday, October 11, 2012

The 10-10 Portal and You

Want to know what it was like? I had been feeling the electricity of the Portal for twenty-four hours ahead of the 'opening'. I joined forces with Lightworker Community, who is based in London, for a special Free Distance Healing, at the suggestion of her guides.

At four a.m. I was on the balcony where I sleep on occaision. I had a special angel tray filled with special things, including my Reiki Doll and pendulum. There was a 10-10 drape from the O.R. I had also been moved to bring an empty box of Oxytocin, and two vials of it, containing 10 units Oxytocin each, one with a red top, and the other green. Oxytocin is what makes you happy and bond with nursing or climax with a partner. (In clinical use, it is to strengthen contractions of the Uterus, and is also called 'Pitocin'). I had a ten cc ampoule of normal saline (salt water, purified for injection), and 10% Dextrose (sugar water). All of these items had been 'requested' by Spirit for this work.

As the Portal began to open, I felt the energies of Lightworker Community in London. It felt like we were these players shown in the Foosball photo above. I sensed the Light of the Portal coming in through our heads, and then it spread laterally, joining us at the arms like this metal rod in Foosball joins the players.

The surprise was that we two were like a Lego piece, and I felt my left arm 'snap' in to lock with someone who works in Hawaii. As I had my right arm energetically 'linked' to London, my left arm energetically 'llinked' to Kona. This makes sense because the last time several days ago this Hawaiian was 'opening' portals as a 'preview', an energetic 'link' happened spontaneously from there to my home, and the result was telepathic future information was given to me by a spider at the same moment in time.

Like Legos that connect, there is a new energetic framework that is being 'built' that is invisible, called a 'grid'. Think of Light Workers like Light Pegs in the game Lite Brite. We are strong, clear, of a certain 'color' or 'vibration' and we transmit the Light from Source to Earth. But like Legos, at this 10-10-12 Portal, we are starting to 'connect' laterally. And the Energy is starting to flow.

This is where YOU* are involved: from the three linked 'Foosball-armed' Light Workers Opening Portals in London, California, and Kona, flows a branching, interconnected 'network' of Light, kind of like energetic 'umbilical cords' to each of you. The Light Energy is flowing between each of us, and is 'blended' for more effect. This Light is going to flow through each of YOU to OTHERS who may or may not be 'open' to it mentally, but on a Soul Level are 'ready' to 'wake up' and 'participate in the Ascension Process'.

There are a lot of good-hearted people out there who have no clue what is happening but are going to be INCLUDED in Ascension, and your specialty is going to be bringing the energy to them. Not through their minds and understanding, but from one heart to the next.

I sensed a tremendous surge of Light coming through the higher chakras in the group as a whole. But the Light from Gaia, that was not so strong coming up through the feet and the lower chakras, was getting 'stuck' at the yellow chakra center. This makes sense, as the yellow chakra (power control, personal power, and imbalance leads to pancreatic cancer, diabetes , high blood  pressure and the like) is the target of much of the cabal to 'control the masses'. It is time to become sovereign entities, and to take our personal power back as a group.

Lightworker Community also picked up imbalances in the yellow chakra, and in the blue (communication) one too. Both of us cleared out the blockages.

I also picked up that all of us are from Lemuria. If you don't know what that is, you should look it up. And you probably get a big 'charge' out of going to Hawaii, energetically. It is 'home' for our Soul Pod.

And this is the secondary confirmation for it all--the healing of the wounded masculine, and communication: pleiadedolphininfos 10-10-12
This one resonated with me so strongly I almost fell out of my chair!


Reiki Doc

YOU* = all people who signed up on Lightworker Community for free healing, all who indicated intent to participate in this 10-10 healing on Doctors with Reiki (FB), and @usui2012 (Twitter).
These all get the 'double dose'. In addition, everybody on the Hawaiian blogger's 'list' who has ever viewed that page, everyone who has ever looked at THIS page (or will), followed Doctors with Reiki on Twitter, 'Liked' Doctors with Reiki on FB, or done the same for Lightworker Community was included  on the list. There were three workers at Coach who also in person requested to be on the 'healing list'. Together we have covered over one million Lightworkers with this Portal Shift of the Light opening and connecting us like Legos to each other. Remember, Light is Information, too, and your telepathy and psychic skills are going to get a big 'jump' from this new energy. And your courage and voice will be 'online--live' too.