Sunday, October 7, 2012

Surfing the Strong Energies of Manifestation

Hawaii is a place of strong energy of manifestation: take your current 'state of being' and it gets 'magnified' when you are there.

I used to think Hawaii was cursed. In Kauai on my honeymoon in 1988, I felt bliss but also caught a terrible cold. The photos of me showed nothing but happiness. But the second time, in 1990, at the wedding of my husband's best friend, I felt totally excluded and ignored. We are talking separate tables for every meal associated with the wedding! The marriage crumpled shortly there after.

The next trip was to Big Island with my youngest sister, the one who likes to do nothing but tan by the pool at the hotel, and not do anything. She spent most of the vacation on the phone to her boyfriend on mainland. I was frustrated to the point of almost not speaking to her for years, because I enjoy doing things, and had to go see everything by myself--The Point of Refuge, the top of Mauna Kea, The Little Grass Shack Coffee place. Mom made her go with me on an island bus tour, but then she was the one who felt 'trapped' on the bus, and was no fun at all.  But you see, at the time, my predominant 'energy pattern' was one of being 'trapped' in internship, and this week was one to 'recover' before I was 'trapped' in residency year 2 as a surgeon. Without my realizing it, I had tapped into the formula, 'what you think is what you get!' that goes with the island. No wonder why there is so much aloha! Everything else would be quite unhappy!

Our trip to Maui (with husband #2 in 2002) led to a declaration of divorce and sleeping in separate beds in the hotel room, room 605, the nicest one in the entire Fairmont Kea Lani. The marriage had not been a healthy one, and Maui was like lancing a boil. The moment of truth was when I went to make a lei. I had the flower over my left ear, and the big Hawaiian 'Auntie' teaching it told me to move it to the other side, saying, 'you are not married dear.' Had she seen him make me cry at the table in the restaurant the night before, and that I ran away without having eaten dinner to spare myself the embarrassment of tears at the table?

The Curse of Hawaii finally 'broke' when I got my act together. There have been two trips to Oahu, one to Maui, and two to Big Island. Another trip is pending.

When you are caught in 'Big Energy Magnifier', it is confusing if you don't know how to 'surf it'.

I suspect that ALL of Gaia is going to soon be coming 'online' much the way that Hawaii is. I had some pretty good surfing right in my kitchen yesterday. Let me tell you more:

The Panic of the Lost Car Keys:

My latest 'lesson' was: I couldn't find the keys to the car. The kid having the swim meet wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast. We were out of milk. I wanted to run to the store, and I couldn't.

For the life of me I couldn't recall where I had placed them! I had come home after a long day, with all of the following in my hands: my lunchbox, my extra scrubs, my work bag (journals, etc), the plastic juice cup with juice in it from this morning from one of the kids, my coffee travel mug, and two mice for the snake. I was focusing on the mice and greeting the sitter, her son, and the kids, as we had planned to go out to Panera Bread together. As it ended up, the sitter's son was picky and had already eaten, she didn't want to go, I was starving, and we all watched the snake eat together except for the sitter.

I ended up cooking dinner at  home. And in the morning, I had no clue where I had set down those keys. Not on the little hook? Could be anywhere. Pants pockets, the trash and recycle cans, the grass by where I stood to say good bye and get the mail, every purse and work bag dumped out. I called the sitter--no she did not see me with the keys when I came into the living room. Only the mice.

I called the dealer. $350 for new key, pre-paid, plus documentation of ownership of car (don't they have copies where I bought it?). The three days to get them, and I have to either tow the car in to the dealership, or pay $100 to have them come to my home. Ouch! How many people get ONE SET of car keys when they buy a car, anyway? This is terrible and they had me--no other option! But it was the, 'we wouldn't order it until Monday anyhow' that the parts man said on the phone, 'you can come in Monday and order it.' that hurt. I am not a stay-at-home trophy wife! I have to work! My schedule is jam-packed!

Fortunately, I have a second car. Before we went to the swim meet, my swimmer gave me a hug, and patted my back with his little hand. I started crying tears of sadness and failure and relief. We got in the car. The hug had got me 'back on the surfboard' again, kind of like that guy in the jet ski that tows a surfer out of the bad surf.

'Honey, mommy was sad she lost the keys. But there is a lesson in all of this, and I think it is for me, not you. You can have a happy day, and race, and be the star while I go about making sense of this.' I could see relief on his face.

He swam beautifully. Eight events. Six time improvements. One first place, one second place, three third places, a fifth place, an eight place, and one more. He hadn't competed for over a year, due to little league and summer. But once a week he had kept up with his stroke clinic. And this time he WANTED to swim!

When we came home, we retraced our steps. And he found the keys! He was the star, again!

And I learned my lesson--keys always go on the hook. And to also think about buying a second key for when he starts to drive. And how HIS lesson was to be the 'hero', and indeed he was. I took us all out to his favorite restaurant for dinner that night.

When you have 'those days' where you feel you 'can't win for losing', know that you are caught in an energy 'rip tide' and are most likely learning a 'lesson for your spiritual growth'.

Try to keep your wits about you, and don't try to fight it.

Get out of this chaotic energy any way you can.

Give it time.

Go back and face the issue with 'new eyes'.

This skill is crucial, because as the energies jack up here on the rest of Gaia besides Hawaii, all of us are going to be subject to this 'super manifestation of your mindset', and only us Kahuna Lightworker Energy Surfers are going to make it look easy. 

The rest of the 'waking up' are going to look to US to tow them 'out of the dangerous surf'.

Your Lightworker jet ski is waiting...

And we get a really cool uniform too--a Light and Sparkly one!


Reiki Doc