Monday, October 29, 2012

Organic Energy Raw

I gave this one an inscrutable title to keep the unseeing with eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear scratching their heads when they are Google-Ing something and this pops up.

Organic food is bought for an energy that you cannot see, but can feel. This Life Force Energy on the islands is called Mana. It is a form of Light that is perceptible to those who have ascended. It can't be measured in the third dimension, otherwise free will would be broken. That is why all the studies that say 'the nutrition is the same in organic as in conventional' are prevalent. Only the awake will 'understand' the Truth: organic is full of Life Force and inflicts much less pain and suffering upon Gaia as it is made in agriculture. There is more balance.

Raw food, therefore, has the most sunlight energy possible in the food of all.

I went to Island Native  Foods store yesterday. I spent thirty dollars on a breakfast at the hotel. I took the continental option that was twenty one dollars but got charged for the meat I did not take. I bought a smoothie, which was nine dollars, but got a six dollar discount for the conference. Not only did I get GMO food but I got ripped off. That is a poor way to start the day.

 Even though there will be food at the sessions, today I am having a fruit I never ate that is sweet but needs lime juice, half a chocolate chip macadamia scone, and brown cow yogurt.

I can smell the coffee in that Mr. Coffee machine. This morning I did something different: I charged the water that I use for making it. That's right. Just like with a glass, but with the coffee pot:
Fill with water
Hold like Karate chop, palms up, between both hands
Imagine Unconditional Love , like for pet or for children, feel it, and send it to water
Water remembers. It will take on this Love Energy, or Light
Make and drink

Do this twice a day with plain water or anything not alcohol and you will raise your vibration up. High vibration means less illness, less sadness, and more fast bouncing back from challenges for you.

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