Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Write for You

It feels good.  And I love it! This blog is what I would have liked to have while I was Newly Awakening. Think of each post as a marker on the trail in the mountains. Some markers point to the geology, some to Nature, some to the elevation, some to the distance to hike to some Lake or something. Some are 'this makes a pretty photograph' markers too! Creating this is something I enjoy very much. And especially it is pleasing to create a database through the 'search' feature as a resource for you. Where else can 'awakening' health care workers and the public 'go' for information that is like this? You are safe here, and welcome, to this healing site.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor. But by grade school I was enchanted with Mark Twain, and his stories of life as a River Boat Captain. It gave his stories color and flavor, all of his life experience that he 'downloaded' into his work. I always wanted to be like him, and as my career reached a certain point, I wanted to start to work again on my passion, which is to write.

I have kept journals for ages and won awards for my writing all through high school. I wondered at the time about the fit with my skills in liberal arts, frankly, WHY they were there?, because I knew I wanted to be a scientist and ultimately, a doctor. Now I understand. They were developed back then for use NOW.

Writing is somewhat like painting for me. I thoroughly enjoy it. I am not technically skilled at painting, but I feel 'electricity' when I apply the brush to the canvas. As far as college classes went, my technical writing was not direct enough, my history T.A.'s didn't like my papers, and I never took English because I tested out through Advanced Placement in high school. Just Engineering coursework for me! And lots of it! In medical school I researched and wrote a paper on 'The History and Theory of Homosexuality' for my psych clerkship. I wanted to come up with answers for a devout Christian friend of mine who was devastated by her son's 'coming out'. I also wanted to come up with answers because a patient of mine, on that rotation, thought he 'caught the gay-ness from the obstetrician who delivered him who was gay'. I helped him 'come out' at age fifty after many years of sublimating his sexuality into his hobby, drawing plants and going in nature to classify them. His joy at being allowed to be who he 'is' made me want to find answers for him that were better than who spanked him to take his first breath! Medicine had to have an answer in all of that! Well, it didn't, at the time, but I got the most popular theories into the paper and sent my friend a copy. The article also was favorably received and submitted for publication in the department journal. Whether it made it or not, I don't recall. I do anesthesia, not psychiatry, but I go back on what I learned on that rotation every day!

I also have written extensive poetry, some of it published, but not in a book or anything. I used to carry a notebook with me wherever I would go for 'when inspiration would strike'. Poetry is something that flows out of your soul. So is creative writing. I found a kindred spirit in medical school, and we used to encourage each other with sayings like, 'write! write!' and setting ten minute limits to make sure we wrote each day, no matter what. I started to write a story, and it was almost as if it wrote itself! Now that was exciting!

In my thoughts through the day, I am always 'writing'. I am looking like a detective for 'what Spirit is trying to teach me today'. I make 'connections'. I get excited like a kid when I get the time to come to my computer and write for you. The time flies, but it doesn't seem like I worked at it very much at all.

That is the clue that you are on your Life Purpose--when you enjoy doing something so much you would do it for free.

I wish you fun on your Path, and discovering YOUR Life Purpose with all of its passion, in the near future. Just walk toward it. It will find you. (And taking Reiki Classes can speed it up--like taking the escalator).


Reiki Doc