Sunday, October 28, 2012

Intuition Is Self-Love

The Lotus Flower blooms above the mud and water that it is rooted inl

This whole trip has had a lot of intuition behind it. I have been working with The Universe, ever since the decision to go. The depth of protection and self-love from intuition is remarkable. Here are some examples:

Should I even go?
See blogpost Kohala 7. My 'sign' was a license plate that had energy message with it when I saw it.

How can I get coverage at work?
A colleague who had birthday plans out of town the same week had the vacation relief person booked. Okay, I accept. If I am meant to go, I will go. The next day, his plans fell through, and I got coverage.

Who will run the household when I am gone?
I got a strong feeling to travel alone. Usually I bring family. I sensed need for deep healing. Out of guilt, I procrastinated on the planning. There was conflict with the father. Fortunately his brother was having surgery that same week. Mom stepped in. So did pet sitter. All at last minute.

Are you sure, on packing?
Intuition was very clear: buy four raw energy bars. You will need them. Bring mat for beach.

Fly First Class?
At the time of booking I felt emotionally I would need the support of this first-time ever mode of travel. It was prophetic--doubly so. First the 'friend' I had hoped to connect with on this trip and I had a falling out. He is getting the Sicilian treatment--he doesn't exist to me any more. Second, on the connector was a man who broke my heart and ruined my career in academic medicine, with his new fiancée! I saw them by the gate, turned around, and hid in the massage chair (three minutes for a dollar!). First class got me on the plane before coach, and when they boarded, they saw me first. Back as a professor, I worked part time, and could never have afforded first class. He was glad to see me, and gave me a hug after shaking my hand and introducing me as his old teacher. I taught him how to float a swan (a catheter that goes in the heart during cardiac surgery). He is a cardiac anesthesiologist now, just like me. And it didn't hurt anymore to see him. But I did keep saying, like Bogey, of all the airlines in all the world, he walks into mine...the blog post on Galactic Free Press about healing Deep Trauma, and the concept that we are like apples with worms in them when traumatized. Even though the worms go, there is still the hole. We heal it by backfilling them with self-love. That is mt one task outside of conference this week: backfilling the holes with love.

Avoid the beach?
Upon checking in, I had no desire to walk around, or to dine at the waterfront restaurant . This is rare. I always do that when I check in! Tonight dinner was water, a packet of snack from the plane, and a spiirulina raw bar. But at the golf course after evacuation? Sandwich, chips, fruit all for free!

Although snorkeling is my thing, due to ocean conditions following tsunami, we are to avoid the water until it is safe. For days there are rip currents and undertow that can be fatal.

Now what?
Spirit has plans for me. I don't know for sure yet. But Pele and Kamehameha have made themselves present, and welcomed me when I landed. Stay tuned for more!


Reiki Doc