Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reiki Facing 3 Dimensional Demons

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension. We are going up 'live' online anywhere from the Fifth to the Seventh Dimensions. I am of the Sixth Dimension, and I talk to you today with Highest Affection.  Our subject for this message is You Have The Ability to Tame Your Demons from Third Dimension. Let us start...

1.  Satan, Satanic Things, and Satanists
On the back of the car ahead of me was a sticker of a star. It was 'horns up'. It was right by South Coast Plaza, a veritable 'spook central' for Satan. The street Anton nearby is named for head of the church Anton La Vey. This sticker troubled me. I asked St. Michael to forget free will, to go in and counteract the Satan. No answer. I asked for Him to send healing to the driver's guardian angel (you can do that to one who will not accept Reiki, Energy Healing, or Light. The guardian angel will always put it to good use.) No answer.
And then it flashed in my mind! I pointed to the truck and said, 'Change it!'
You have the ability to do this too, it is how you direct divine assistance. If you see a chem trail, point at it, and say, 'change it!' It will disappear rapidly. If you see a sick plant, point at it an say, 'Change it!' And it will miraculously get better! In pointing at that truck, I invited Higher Beings to the struggle, if darkness and of Light.
Satan is sooo 3 D.  Let us move on to the next subject!

2. Backstabbing and backstabbers
At work a colleague shared with me how one of the anesthesiologists is taking advantage of a new anesthesiologist, financially. The new one didn't want to make waves, but was upset. I knew this one all too well. Did the same to me. It turns out that there are people who will do anything for a dollar, and try to trash your reputation just to make themselves look good!
In this situation know that Love Is The Solution For Everything. Ask for Spirit to help you find the backbone you require, and to help you drop the fear of losing your job. In this situation. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! And soon all of us are going to have a good laugh, for our auras interact and will tell us what someone like this is up to, and everyone will know!

3. Anxiety in General
I have had anxiety for most of my life. I used to shake with terror while I would drive, and I had to say Rosaries in order to calm myself down. What I have learned through Reiki is to stay in the moment, and to trust in the process of living a spiritual life. We are here for a purpose, and we have incredible support, to the point of being flanked by angels everywhere we go. Your heart is the key to understanding that which is felt and not visible to the eye. You are a blessing, and a miracle, and nothing can take that away. Once we establish our grounding and are firmly rooted in the Higher Dimensions, all of this shall pass. Love that is beyond all understanding shall take the place of fear, anxiety, and all of its relatives.


Reiki Doc