Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ascension and Mother Mary 10/12/12

As a person with a special devotion to Blessed Mother, as the friend of a Visionary who lives in Santa Maria, California, and as someone who has been given Messages from Her for twenty-two years...
I tell you that this message is on target, and 100% legitimate.


I have Channelled Her as well.

She is here with me now:

My Beloved Children,

Stand up to the cross and wait. Wait for you to be lifted up into Heaven, much the way I was when it was time for me to Ascend into my proper place in Heaven.

I will be with you. I shall hold your hand through now into the entire process. That is how my Little One, the one who writes these messages, has helped countless souls to cross into the Light. She takes their hand, holds it, and then together puts their hand in mind, and then I carry them up.

She helped with her own father as he was passing. I looked back over my shoulder at her while he was passing, and through her gentle suffering I knew she had the trust in me with her own beloved father in the earthly life, as much as she has right now with all of you.

Whether you believe in my presence at this time, or not, I exist. I am wearing a blue outfit you do not have words to describe in these modern days. I have a cover over my head, and the stars are shining in the diadem that holds this cloth in place. I have white hands and skin, and very pleasant coloring of my lips and cheeks. My hair is dark and my eyes are blue, a wonderful, combination of beauty that is distinctive and striking to see. My hair is dark, and wavy, and there is length of it that goes to my mid-back. It is long for these modern days, it makes me look like a school girl in your eyes, but in the time I walked the earth, this was common and still is in places where I once lived to this day.

I am with you. Only call my name and I will arrive at once to comfort you. I shall not delay. You cannot take 'too much of my time', oh gentle children. For you who have your poverty and abundance are the same in my heart. There is the Poverty of Light that affects many of you: no matter where you are, you seem 'out of place' and 'unwanted' in one way of sorts. My Light is there to carry you to the time where you will have no need of it. When you Ascend to the fifth dimension, everything shall feel natural and right.

Give your bodies rest, like in my message to dearest Isabel that is posted by Melanie Lafonte above.
Be sure to read it and take notes in your mind. A gentle suffering can have very high results, rewards, and pleasures.

That is all for you today. I shall write another time through my 'messenger', that writes to you with Love in her Heart and Gentleness in her communications with you. I love her most dearly, as she has been at my side since I have called her in 1990. She is my light that makes my diamond (points to her diadem) sparkle in my Love for her. I share this love with you: whenever you do anything to honor my Son or bring Peace and Joy to this world of tears and suffering, my diamond shines from the Love you have displayed in your heart. Keep my spiritual diamonds shining, and know my love for you is deep as the stars.

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste,
The time for your gentle suffering is ending. Hold my hand and I shall hold tight on to yours!
Blessed Mother, Mother Mary, Maria
The Star of the Sea

I am gentle and my Love for you is genuine. You can count on it like you can count on your fingers.


Reiki Doc