Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reiki Rats For Adoption

If you are interested in a genuine Reiki Rat, here is the organization who has them available for adoption: http://apparattusrattery.weebly.com/index.html

There are no photos of the baby rats yet on the website. The rats are five weeks old today, and hooded black on white. There are three boy rats and nine girl rats. I hope the pictures will come up shortly.

These rats would be best for someone experienced with pet rats. They are skittish, and are being socialized by the experts at the rat rescue facility. The reason they are skittish is because they are from the Reptile Store stock, and were not bred by breeders. Breeders select rats for temperament, as well as looks. These are beautiful babies made from two rats who were truly in love. However, the father is most likely related to 'Mitzi', and she was a favorite of one of the workers at the Reptile Store. He was visibly upset the day she got sick and died, and this man feeds rats to snakes for a living. She was his favorite. Also from this 'stock' came 'Snickers' the favorite rat of the co-owner of the rat rescue. She was delighted to see the babies, and says they are 'Snicker's clones!'.

Papa Rat was a sweetie. Mama Rat is a good mother, and I respect her. But she is a little high spirited. What I am doing with my one girl (company for mom) and two boys (in a separate cage), is holding them every day to get them used to us. They don't bite! They are just squirmy, and the rat rescue will instruct you on how to take the very best care of your new rat.

Rats enjoy company. They also enjoy making babies (females go in heat every five days and have a litter of fifteen every three weeks!). Your options are to spay the female, for a cost of spaying a cat and putting her life at risk, or to keep girls together and apart from the boy rats. Most people take the 'abstinence' route. Never keep a single rat alone. They need at least a buddy, much like dogs or cats.

A word to the wise--sometimes it takes four months to find out if your rat is a boy or a girl. The 'boy parts' don't descend in some until that late. It takes an expert to know which one is which. And know that many girl rats are pregnant at the pet store where they are sold. This is because they are made for food and not pets in general. Always ask about the breeder before you buy. Know where they are from.

If you would like to contact the place directly, email apparattusrattery@gmail.com.

They have no clue who Reiki Doc is. Or Reiki Rats! Just say you heard about the babies through a friend.


Reiki Doc