Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ascension, Respect, and I Care About You

The Director of the Breast Center at my place of work asked to look at my website today. The Nurse Educator for the Operating Room is interested in Doctors With Reiki, and signed up to take a Reiki 1 class. I have two surgical technicians, or 'scrub techs', and their significant others signed up to take the course too.

We are at a tipping point in the medical community. And as I said to the Nurse Educator, change needs to be from within, without management's being aware of it. It must be solely for the benefit of the patient and it must be kept out of the hands of the 'bean counters', who will find some way to make it highly MBA'd and destroy it completely.

Do you think that this is any accident? Any 'sign' of the times, of what is to be? On the contrary. I have been working hard for many months and years bringing my vibration up, learning as I go, being open to Spiritual Direction, and praying for my place of work.

Every day, I send healing to YOU, to MY WORK, and to my places on Gaia that are in need of HEALING. My 'lists' that I send healing to are 'cross-linked' to five other major-healer's lists. We all pray for each other's lists. Does it take all day? No. It does not take any longer than it would if I was healing one person. It all has to do with the intent.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because there are many different people in many various stages of 'waking up'.

Because of this, we need to talk about it.

In martial art, my son says the following: respect for parents, respect for master teacher, respect for teacher, respect for teaching being taught, respect for school.

Look up at the Dalai Lama. You have respect for him, do you not? If I ask, would you think that he has respect for you? Without a doubt, he does, doesn't he? And isn't he one of the most spiritually 'awake' humans to walk the planet?

Under him, there are many levels of 'spirituality'. And just like driving, where everyone likes to think they are 'above average drivers', I suspect a great many of us convince ourselves that we are 'above average spiritualists' too. But we are not.

In this blog, I can attest, that some of the people here are a lot closer to the Dalai Lama than they might think: some are Earth Angels and don't know it. Some are Star Seeds, Some are Indigo Children, some are Rainbow Children, and some are Crystal Children. There are mediums, scientists...people from all walks of life from all over Earth! All of them have to have significant 'above average vibration' to even follow these words! Any lower vibration would be turned 'off' and want to run away!

I have access to information where this blog is being  read--there are stats I get to see as a blogger--the top is the US, but also Russia is number two. Then there is Australia, Canada, and places as far as New Zealand! The one thing that unifies us is our interest in healing and a desire to do better for our patients in the field of Conventional Medicine by bringing the healing of Energy Medicine (I call it Reiki) into patient care.  As part of the care. Not as unpaid volunteers working on the dying. That is a good start, but there is so much more to Reiki in Hospitals than this! And all people doing Reiki should have compensation enough to support themselves. As an anesthesiologist, I support myself with that profession. But as a healer, and a conscientious anesthesiologist, I have discovered a new tool that is highly effective in my hands at improving patient outcomes. Anesthesia itself was discovered as a 'parlor trick' that 'took off' when someone watching saw someone 'under the influence' whack their leg on a table really hard enough to draw blood and just kept dancing.

Anesthesia was born by people paying attention to something new, making connections, and inventing a specialty. So it is right now with me and with you.  On this page! Isn't that exciting?

Knowledge of Vibration
When I had an interaction with entities of a Higher Vibration, I was humiliated. Not by them. By Truth. There is One Truth, whether you believe in it or not. And when I mentally 'offered' milk and cookies, they looked at me like I was really a country bumpkin. Not that they were offended. It was just so 'backwards' from their norm, that it was a stretch between both of us on the interaction. And the Truth hit me 'smack in the face', as I discovered it! And it hurt! Animal products in the milk and cookies are so barbaric to them at their level! They tried their best to 'make it up to me' by offering for all of us to have caramel apples, my favorite, but seriously, a lot of Diplomacy is going to have to be involved in our 'getting up to the next level' in our early interactions with anything of Higher Intelligence. And Higher Intelligence or Higher Consciousness is what this Ascension thing is all about.

People who are good-hearted, well-meaning, and honest-living who have no CLUE about Ascension are going to Ascend. Why? BECAUSE THEIR VIBRATION IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE ASCENSION PROCESS. A whole BATCH of ones right now are 'waking up', people who are going to play an important role, but now is their Time to 'wake up' . A whole bunch of people like me woke up in the early nineties.

Here is an example of what you need to know about how people interact at different Vibration:

The scrub tech I had mentioned gave this story--a woman was talking about voting for Romney. This tech does not vote. But he said, 'Romney was a draft dodger. He has five sons who are not enlisted. There is an economic draft going on. A regular draft is one law away. We have been in the longest wars this country has ever been involved with in Afghanistan and Iraq. And he  is rattling the swords about getting into war. You have a son, who is the right age to be drafted while he is in office. Are you sure you want to vote for this guy?'
And then he had her for a second. She thought about it. She agreed, it was a good point.
But then she paused.
And she started talking about why Romney would make her life better and why she was going to vote for him anyway.

Here is the pattern I see:
Interaction with someone with a Higher Vibration than You:
They will be loving toward you.

Interaction with someone with the Same Vibration as You:
Mutual respect and honesty, as well as genuine appreciation will foster a warmth between you.

Interaction with someone with a Lower Vibration than You:
Their 'comfort zone' is tightly related to their vibration. Do not try to make it budge. It is their free will. It is their sum total of their Karma. They truly can not understand anything on a higher consciousness than where they are at. They will either laugh at, ridicule, call crazy, or reject YOU.
Just take it as a sign from the Universe of 'where you are at' and send them off to 'progress at their own rate and their own time'.  And send Love to them.

Love is something everyone can understand. In summary, I will submit this, what
I saw this posted on the nursing bulletin board in PACU's break area:

"In every human interaction, we communicate one of these statements:

  1.  Go away, my world would be better without you.
  2. You are an object, a task to be done, you mean nothing to me.
  3. You are a person of worth, I care about you.
(Fowler, 2008, p.6)"

The vibrational difference is clear, isn't it? In a word, it means Respect. Please, whether you agree with them, or not, try to show Respect to all that you meet.  I was not respected in my interaction with a Lightworker I thought was more advanced than me, and I wanted so much to have a friend and to share on a heart-to-heart level. This person shunned me, and eventually told me 'never to follow them again'. This was miscommunication, two missed emails, taken badly, and no amount of explaining could repair the damage, no matter how hard I tried to extend my hand in friendship.  Following the advice of Don Miguel Ruiz in the Four Agreements, I did not take it personally. What I did see, is that there is a significant population in the Lightworker Community whose use of the term 'Love' does not carry with it the Vibration of 'Love'.  Fortunately, Spirit sent me another friend, this one twice as far to the East as that one to the West, at the recommendation of Her Guides.  This friendship means so much to me, as also does yours, gentle readers, for your presence and support of this work. 

Remember, you are safe here. You are valued. And I hope you can feel the vibration in my words, 'you are LOVED'.


Reiki Doc