Monday, October 15, 2012

Reiki and Time

Many Light Workers are losing hope over delays on the Ascension process. I smile inwardly when I see people write flaming comments about 'same old same old' and basically, 'where is the BEEF?' concerns, threating 'not to believe until more EVIDENCE shows up'. Yada yada yada.

Let us have a little talk on the concept of Time...

Time is 'stretchy'
Ever hear of the concept of 'flow'? Well my surgeons work in it all the time. Unless they do a procedure often enough to make a factory for it, their time estimates until completion of the surgery are always off. Also their time estimates of 'how long it will take' when they book their procedures.  "You can quick squeeze it in, t's only a fifteen minute case!" they cry.

Right. These people work in flow all the time. Their mind is so engaged with what is happening that they lose track of the passing of time. This happens every day. So I smile, in my head, double their time estimate, and make plans with the rest of the O.R.

Anesthesiologists, on the other hand, are acutely aware of the passing of time. Spend several decades listening to the blip of the heart, and waiting three to five minutes for the blood pressure cuff to measure, and charting it. I have a little clock in my head, and often times, time goes slower for me on those exact same procedures! Sometimes I even select the music with a tempo to 'speed things up' without the surgeon knowing it!

At the Karuna level of Reiki, time starts to warp and the perception of time is altered temporarily as the new energies come in. It settles back to 3D after a couple of days. But in Reiki classes, people often think it's on the wrong day, and miss the class they planned to attend, because of this.
Many Reiki Masters on my FB page comment that they can make themselves arrive on time to events by 'stretching time'. I have done this with my work. I have about five minutes to 'stretch'. Sometimes I feel like Obi Wan Kenobi when I walk in, talking to the guards with my mind, 'I am on time! I am on time!'

Time is not 'multidimensional'
Ever hear of the story 'Flatland'? It is a two dimensional reality. All the arrow 'lines' can look like a point if they are coming toward you or going away, so they have to scream all the time to let everyone know they are coming. There are triangles, and the characters get to know each other by their shapes. Then a sphere arrives. It boggles the mind of the 2D characters: There is a circle that can change size depending on where the 2D place intersects it. Smaller to bigger and back! The 2D hero gets a 'ride' on the sphere, and gets to see 3D reality, with trees and hills and buildings. He comes back  'changed', but no one wants to believe him.

How is something 'multidimensional' going to appear in 3D? If you take the circle-sphere analogy, something is not going to be 'right'. It is 'different', but the 'complete picture' isn't appreciated until leaving the 2D plane.

So it is with time and the proposed time estimates coming from the higher dimensions back to 3D. Cobra just had a big one about a delay. And I just rolled my eyes--how can something be affected by whether you 'believe' in it or not? It just is! I think the three dimensional word for it is 'denial'--people whose hearts are closing and their minds are 'open' but only in their own 'mind' think Ascension is like waiting for Christmas: you make the little construction paper 'chain' of red and green loops with scissors and paste, and you break one 'link' every day until you get to Christmas! Sorry! Ascension is not on that kind of timeline. There are multiple ones leading up to it, and things are going hot and heavy in the etheric plane as the 'battle' has been upgraded to that dimension. An invisible war of Spirit---if you are waiting to see it on the ten o'clock news before you think it has 'happened' you are going to see a lot of commercials before you open your eyes and see!

Our 'filters of perception' affect Time as well
I have had many interactions with Spirit. I have written most of them down. In ones that have a certain 'prediction', that I have written, the only way I can know they have come true is to go back six months to a year and read it. It is that subtle. You don't even NOTICE it at the time it is in fact happening to you.

When it is something you 'want', for example, 'Christmas', and it becomes the focus of your attention, and you obsess on it,  you are in fact 'messing the timelines up'. Why? With your powers of manifestation. It is like having a loaded gun and not knowing how to shoot or to take care of it.

Worry is praying for something you don't want.

As far as the Ascension thing goes, I 'read the end of the book' and accept the channelled information 'it has happened'. In the meantime, I am 'acting as if' and my perception of the world is that I and all of you who read this are in fact, 'already Multidimensional'. It is the stragglers they are waiting for, elsewhere, that is causing the delay. I got 'sick of the waiting' and decided to 'set myself free' and look at life as being 'Post Ascension' in my heart of hearts. I am just 'waiting for everyone to catch up' and then BOOM! All of us are going to Ascend. I keep a picture in my head of Blessed Mother rising up on a cloud, like a painting I have seen at church in Old Town San Diego, where I used to go sometimes when I was in medical school.

So give yourself a break. Stop reading newspapers for 'clues to Ascension'. You are not going to find them. If you want to find a recipe or do sudoku, go right ahead. But don't get your heart in all the headlines looking for 'proof'. If there is an entire WAR going on in the skies that we can't see, we might as well send them our Light like we would ration our supplies on Earth to be in support of those mighty angels that are winning our Freedom.

And since laughter is the most POWERFUL weapon in existence, take a few moments to enjoy this:


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