Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Different Clock

Today I was talking with a scrub tech who is a parent, about my wanting to make it to one of the kid's martial arts 'graduation-belt' ceremony tonight, and how challenging it was to be able to get away from work.

'Well, you are on a different clock.' He said.

Those words resonated with me to my core. I wrote them down, so I would remember them.

All of us in the helping services, medicine, firefighters, police, military...and I admit I am probably forgetting some of them as I write the list; I am sorry about that. All of us in service are 'on a different clock'.  We are NOT on the 'nine to five, working for a living, barely getting by, it's all taking and no giving it's a rich man's game and they barely give us credit it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it!' path. We are on the '24/7' availability.

Why the two time frames? Why the two clocks? Who MADE those clocks?

Might that Dolly Parton song from the movie, 9 to 5, be telling us the truth? That someone made up this life and the schedules and the need to work to live? No creature besides man on earth has to 'pay rent' or 'pay taxes'--isn't that odd to you?

It is never too late to wake up.

Here is what I pulled up while looking for the original YouTube video that has been asked to 'go viral'. I will present it in a while. It is about opening new portals and this time you are invited to help. The date of this 'event' to trigger 'An Event' is Sunday, October 21, 2012. (I will attach a link to the time zones that also has a transcript of the video).

For those of you who have done your homework, and have taken Cobra's Little Red Pill, and are into conspiracy theories, what do you think of this historical footage of the Making of Israel?

I know what comes to mind for me.

Now here is a speech that was written in the 1960's, but was made into a 'Big Mouth Bass' style video that was professionally made (excellent graphics and sound quality with music) in 2007.

How does this make you feel? Any MORE patriotic? It reinforces the impression the Spielberg one has for me. Especially since this on seem so 'slick' and clearly behavior-reinforcing motivation. It came out during the 'Hope and Change' campaign times, didn't it?

Next is the Day of Decision video that has been asked by the Galactic-woo-woo people to 'Go Viral'. (I know, right. The 'I know who my Galactic Family is. Do you?'--please make it go viral thing last month kind of lost steam, didn't it?)

It seems to be from a different producer, doesn't it? Before you get all emotional and start popping the corks on the champagne for the Extraterrestrials and Disclosure, take a look at this:

Here you have a link to the YouTube (immediately above), the Time Zones (for me in L.A. it is 18:30), AND the Transcript. Analyze it. Check and double-check to see if that resonates with you. (Note: this is from a woman who channels Archangel Michael. You can see her face and hear her voice directly in her video on YouTube of this, too. Search 'Day of Decision'.)

The cold hard  fact of the matter is:
  1. 144,000 or something people are necessary to add their Light to this 'thrust of the Invisible Battle' on the etheric plane. 
  2. Free will is where it is at, baby. YOU decide what you want to do with your 'piece of me'.
  3. Doing so has the potential to manifest some temporary but 'illusion-like-real' resistance in your life, from the psychic/energetic plane or the physical one, that is generated by the Dark Hats.
  4. You shall require mental concentration and ornery stubbornness like a mule to 'get your way' in SPITE of this resistance.
  5. You shall have the satisfaction of KNOWING that you helped open a really big portal.
There is technology out there, at the hands of the Illuminati, long range radio wave type of advanced physics things, that can 'mess with you'--making conflict, making apathy, making confusion, making delay, making hunger, making fear--you name it. They are going to counter some of the Light's efforts.

Are the 'Seraphim' Big Guns enough to do the 'battle' for us in the war we cannot see? Is this whole plan for real? I don't know for sure. But I think it would be fun to participate, having set my goal for 'woo woo' a long time past. 

Only YOU know your Truth. And only YOU are right to live it. My responsibility is to present the information as accurately as I pick it up for you. I think that the order of these three video clips pretty much reinforces it for me.

Enjoy, and happy 'debating'!


Reiki Doc