Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Reiki Can Do for You

Our bodies are composed of many organ systems. For example, there is the circulatory system. Right next to it, and working together is the nervous system. Bodies have been dissected by the anatomists, and then the functioning of the various systems 'figured out' by the physiologists. That is the basis of much of our knowledge of medicine today.

I remember in biology class, putting a chunk of heart muscle into a blender and making a puree, in order to extract the mitrochondria out. I kept thinking, 'there has to be a better way than this!' It was brutal.

What I have learned since that time, is that there is an energy system in your body that you can't see, but you can feel, like your 'aura'. The chinese have 'figured out' the meridians and pathways with acupuncture, and successfully treated an entire population with this form of medicine.

Reiki taps into something that is 'hard wired' into the energetic body, and is designed to heal others and the self. (The symbols are already 'in you' and only need to be 'activated' by a Reiki attunement)

Reiki is non-toxic, non-harmful, and only what is needed will be taken up by the patient or client.

Reiki practitioners are a conduit to the Universal Healing or Light, and work in partnership with their Reiki Guides who are On The Other Side. There is an agreement that the healing will flow from the Reiki practitioner's hands to the client after the Guides keep it flowing down in through the head of the practitioner. The healer 'taps into it'. The healing is quick and very powerful, but gentle and humble in every way. A burn can be reversed immediately. I had a bruise on my finger from lifting a box that was so bad there had to have been some broken bone. X-rays my peers in the O.R. had me take because it looked so 'bad of an injury' were negative. And it was completely normal and functioning two days after self-reiki.

Reiki has a 'heat' or 'tingling' when it is flowing. Both the client and the healer 'know' energy is being moved during a session.

Many times I am approached for my medical expertise, for example, a sore foot.

As a healer, I look for clues and ask questions. I also look for clues on the energetic level.
I do the best I can to set  everything working 'right' the way 'it was intended to work'.

To me, it is as if a foot was badly scraped and there was dirt and broken glass in it from a car accident. I would wash it, and pick out the glass, for you do not want your foot to be damaged or get infected. The source of pain is obvious to both of us, and I would work to get it better and ready to heal.

If your energy system (chakras) are out of whack, I am going to measure them with a pendulum, and do what I can to 'open' them and get them spinning healthy again. (this is my lineage of Reiki, and not Usui tradition to do this.)

No healer would leave an 'energetic foot' full of 'energetic broken glass' if they saw it and were asked to treat it. That would be cutting corners and not doing what they were asked to do.

Some people take offense to energy work on their system. They do not want 'something being done' to them, or 'for' them unless they ask. This is the case for people who are 'stand alone Reiki practitioners'.

But for those of us in the 'healing professions', Reiki is another tool for scanning and treating the patient. In most instances, it can be incorporated in our daily work activities, and attention not drawn to the fact that as we work, loads of Reiki healing are flowing IN.  The prospect of 'cafeteria style' healing where one gets to 'pick and choose' is like some people who go through childbirth using a Birth Plan or Method. They limit the options of help that are available to them.

Reiki goes 'in' and in some cases, it 'doesn't'. In the latter case, the Reiki is directed to the client's Guardian Angel, who can make this available to them for its best use.

Reiki is gentle, healing, and present. The ability to give Reiki to yourself and to your loved ones while you are near is the opening of Reiki Level 1. This form of Reiki flowing through you is about as powerful as the electricity in the wiring in your home. As you move up in Reiki training, your ability to 'transmit' healing from 'Source' allows you to use stronger 'energy'. By the time you are at the Karuna level, it is like a power plant that lights up Los Angeles. You don't notice it like that, but it is orders of magnitude stronger. By the way, Karuna is a 'different' healing system that is also wired into the energetic body. It is a form of Love Energy that accomplishes more healing at the soul level, than on the body itself.

I just lost a friend, or perhaps, found out a friend was not actually a friend at all, over my giving them distance Reiki and offering to teach them Reiki Level 1. I don't care if you are a powerhouse of Light and open vortexes all over the globe. This friend, who requested my assistance,  could have still learned how to apply a Reiki hand to a sore foot to make it feel better whenever it hurts. There is no need for shots or pills as a first resort.

Reiki is gentle and humble. It will never be on the cover of Time or Newsweek. It is a direct threat to the pharmaceutical industry, and the business of medicine. Lissa Rankin is 'going to teach conscious doctors' and is very excited about this 'new opportunity'.  She is the 'poster girl' for Hay House Publishing. (Louise's book 'Heal Yourself' is really a classic, you might want to check it out if you haven't.) If you walk the walk like Dr. Usui, you are not going to draw any attention to yourself at all. Only by word of mouth over the healing that has been experienced by your clients.

Always be wary of the 'donate' button on a blog. There is an 'energy exchange' in Reiki, and a fee, for teaching, and for learning. But look out for people on the internet who do not go to a 'day job'.  Those kind of people perpetuate the 'same old same old' systems that we have today. Always be more multidimensional, and bring your Highest Vibration to your Place of Work, especially the Hospital or Clinic. That is where change from within is needed most.


Reiki Doc