Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hawaiian Healing For You


This is the island of Maui, at sunrise, taken from a boat on the sea. I was whale watching. From November to March, there is a good chance to see Humpback Whales in the area that makes a triangle between Lanai, Big Island's Kohala Coast, and Maui.

When you are whale watching, it is very exciting. I like it when the whales are so close that you can hear their breath as they exhale. The Humpback are very active, and sometimes you can hear them splashing the water with their fins and their tails, sometimes even with a full breech!

There is a lot of 'Mana' in Hawaii. It is a term used to describe 'Hawaiian Life Force'.  Chi and Prana are similar concepts from the far east. A modern day Kahuna, Serge Kahili King, states that we take in Mana with every breath, and we blow out stress and negativity every time we breathe out.
The Mana comes in through our head.

Can you feel the Mana in this photograph? I do. And today, I am infusing it with Reiki on top of the Mana for your healing. There is a lot going on, energy-wise 'out there', and a lot of people are feeling the symptoms of the 'energy upgrades' that are going on at the moment. They feel sleepy, tired, lack motivation, and just not 'right'. Sometimes it can make you feel malaise, like you have the flu. Foot pain is also a sign that the energy is coming in but not 'out' enough to the ground, and is an Ascension Symptom.

Things that can help are hydrating yourself, taking a bath with sea salt in it or going into the sea, fresh air and sunshine (at least ten minutes with no sunscreen), walking barefoot on earth instead of concrete, laying on a towel on the ground in the sun, rest, gentle walking, and focusing on the breath.

It is my hope that looking at this will help, as well.

When in doubt, ask your Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones to assist you in the 'clearing' and the 'upgrade'. And also Archangel Michael can 'cut etheric cords' between you and a situation that is not good for you. Archangel Nathaniel can help you manifest what you want, too.


Reiki Doc